My friends view on my ‘Tall-ness’

I had a college friend visit me for Thanksgiving and she said something that I’ve heard over the years but that really didn’t resonate with me until now.  It all started when I saw a women at the restaurant where we were eating who was probably just over 6 feet tall.  She had on a beautiful shirt and I wondered out loud where she got it.  My friend and I started discussing Tall shopping (which lately, I’ve become even more addicted to!!) and gradually we moved to height in general.

Now I do want to point something out here.  In my ‘normal’ life I don’t typically walk around and wax poetic about the merits of my height.  I definitely enjoy being tall and all of the benefits that come with my natural state of being and I don’t want to leave the impression that all I ever do is talk TALL.

Anyway, back to the story.  My friend said that she’s never thought of me as tall.  In fact, most of my friends have told me that throughout my whole life.  Once they get to know me they forget about my height.  She asked me a question that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer at first and it caught me off guard.  She asked, “Why would anyone join a tall club?  Why would you draw more attention to yourself?”

Me and 2 of my very good TALL friends!

I immediately started to answer and then I stopped.  I know why I joined a Tall Club but why do I think Tall People would benefit from joining a Tall Club?  The Tall Club was perfect for someone like me.  I moved to a city where I knew no one.  I was looking for things to do with a group of people in a no-pressure environment and quite surprisingly, I can actually be fairly shy if I don’t know you.  And would I consider the Tall Club as being a way to draw more attention to myself?  Ummmm….yeah.  And I like it.

Okay that’s great.  I know why I joined but why would others want to join.  So once again I make a list.  (yes, I have lists at home and lists at work.  I’m quite organized)

Top Reasons to join a Tall Club (and get noticed)

  1. You are not usually the ‘Tall One’ (unless you really are the tallest one in the group).
  2. When you hang out with your Tall friends you really do draw attention in such a positive way.
  3. It’s a forum for discussing Tall issues such as shopping or on a serious note, health issues that could impact Taller persons such as Marfan’s disease.
  4. It’s a place to meet lifelong friends.
  5. Once you are in a Tall club you immediately have ‘kin’ all over the world due to our sister clubs in the US and our affiliate clubs in other countries.

There are more reasons but I’m sure if you get my point, in general they are a fun group of people.

3 awesome TALL girls!

Now, onto the 2nd piece of my friend’s comment, ‘Why would you want to draw more attention to yourself?”  Great question.  Perhaps when I was younger I may not have joined a club, or competed in a Tall Pageant, or even started writing for a public blog such as this however I like the attention.  It’s positive and if I can bring a new level to ‘height awareness’ then I’ll do what I can.  There’s so much to talk about in particular how does a Tall person conform to a society that’s designed for a person much smaller than them.   We haven’t even touched on many topics.

So let me leave you with this little nugget of information.  The founder of Tall Clubs International, Kae Sumner Einfeldt had an idea.  Back in 1938 she wrote an article for a paper in CA and invited Tall folks to come visit her to discuss the issues that Tall people faced.  Just like that, the very first Tall Club was formed.  One of the Club’s goals was to lower the cost of custom-made furnishings and it appeared to work as you may have heard of the California King Mattress.  One of the ads for the mattress proudly claimed, “Here it is Tip Toppers, you asked for it, the King Size Mattress.”

Hmmmm….with persistence, I wonder if we could get bigger airline seats?

2 thoughts on “My friends view on my ‘Tall-ness’

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  2. I think it is great to have some sort of group for socializing and having fun. I tried a couple of tall clubs and they didn’t work out for me. There were some guys who were bent on the “meet market” aspect and that turned me off. I do have a couple of tall friends to talk, complain and strategize with and that even led to a product for talls – so I liked hearing about the king sized bed story:-)

    My close friends don’t think about size and the social group I have the most fun with is a swing dance club. I’ll probably be moving inside of a year and then I’ll check out the tall club where I go..

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