High School Friends and HEIGHT

This past weekend I got my hair trimmed downtown on Friday night and as I was sitting at the MAX train station I was checking out my Facebook page. As I scrolled down the status updates I noticed that two of my high school friends were in Cannon Beach, OR! Quickly I ‘very politely’ admonished them for not calling me and told them they were in big trouble. Of course, I immediately got a response to call the two of them.  They ‘very politely’ told me to get my butt to the beach!

So the next morning I left for Cannon Beach to meet up with two wonderful friends.  One I’ve known since kindergarten and the other one I can say that we really got to know each other probably just after high school.

Jaren, Krista, & Holli

We talked and talked and talked.  These are friends where you pick up right were you left off the last time.  After a bit we decided to grab a late lunch/early dinner so we ventured out to the town to see what was outside.

Dinner was amazing!  Fried clams, chowder, lobster and of course we had to try the famous house Bloody Mary (which was also great).  And I wish I could remember the name of the place because I would totally encourage everyone to go!  Oh, the Seattle game was on and they were playing the Saints so the restaurant/bar we were at was quite busy and full.  It made for lots of great conversations!

It was early yet so we came back to our condo were we proceeded to call lots of our other high school buddies.  Now that was really fun!!  (Sorry everyone we called!!)  We had drinks and laughs and told stories that we all hadn’t thought about in ages.  I forget sometimes how important it is to have times like this and I’m so grateful to have friends like this.

The Ocean view from our Condo, I could hear the water!!

About 11:30 it seemed like the perfect time to go check out the local bar scene, just like old times.  Here’s where the funny part begins.  When we got there I would guess that there were approximately 15 people in the place.  No one paid us no mind when we walked in and sat ourselves belly up at the bar.

We ordered some drinks and some soup and had some more laughs.  It wasn’t until we were getting up to leave about 1:00ish when I got up out of my chair and the girl down the bar came rushing over.  “OMG you are so tall”.   She continued, “I didn’t realize how tall you were until you stood up.  Where do you get your pants?  Can I get a picture with you?  Hey guys, did you see this girl?”

This hasn’t happened in awhile.  Or maybe it does but I don’t notice the stares.  Jaren and Krista of course, LOVE IT!  Well, I do too.  It just so happens that the bartender was rather tall so of course, we  had to take a multitude of pictures too.  Below you’ll see my favorite.

A 'shorty' stopping 2 'tall folks' from an altercation

After all of our pictures were taken and I gave the girl some great places to shop, we headed back to our condo.  Of course we stayed up even later talking about more ‘girl stuff’.

The next day we took pictures along the beach and pretended we were the Goonies waiting for our ship to sail out of Haystack Rock.  I found a big goop of globby stuff along the beach that I pretended to eat but nearly gagged because it was so horrible smelling, we also wrote in the sand and took a gazillion pictures.  It was sad saying good-bye but I know that the next time we see each other, we’ll pick up right from where we left off on the beach.  Pretty cool friends that I have….I’m lucky.


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