New Year’s Resolutions–Part 1, 2010 Memories

Yes, the resolution time has come and like everyone else I’ve taken stock of my perfect life and decided that there a few things I could work on. Shock! I’m not as perfect as I thought. I guess that change is good although it can sure be a difficult thing to do.

2010 was a good year with some amazing memories.  It’s always nice to take a look back to see what actually happened.

Crawfish, crawdads, crayfish...New Orleans Tall Convention.

Some of my best memories of 2010 were of course, reigning as Miss Tall International® for the first half of the year.  I was able to visit several Tall Clubs in 2010 and celebrate new friends and new memories.  We had some pretty awesome weekends in Chicago, Detroit, Florence, OR, as well as the annual convention which was held in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans.  Any time you put Tall Club International members together…it’s a party.

The New Orleans Convention holds many memories for me because this was it.  No more Miss Tall International title for me and it was time to pass the crown to the next (very deserving) Queen.  Great memories.

Napa Valley wine tasting (look at the bright red hair!)

Another great memory of 2010 is TRAVELING.  Simply put, I love to travel. If I was independently wealthy you’d be hard-pressed to find me because I’d always be somewhere.

I take weekend get-a-ways the most because they are the easiest with my job and it’s also the fastest way to pack loads of fun into a small amount of time.  I think we hit Seattle, San Fransisco, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Vancouver BC, besides of course my other trips listed above.  I’m sure I’m missing a few trips but that’s okay.  I’m grateful that I was able to go and have all the fun that I did.  One of my favorite trips was to Napa Valley.  We were able to do some wine-tasting (which was delicious) and see some beautiful countryside.  It also came at time when I was the most stressed in my life and I think that’s why I have the fondest memories of my Napa trip.

Of course, I can’t forget about the surprise we threw my sister Heather.  Her birthday is in November so in September my youngest sister and I surprised her by throwing her a surprise birthday party.  My parents were there and about 40 other people.  We met at a bar near the MN Twins new stadium and then we went to a game!  It was so much fun.  Of course, getting to see my family that lives back in the mid-west is always a treat for me since I live so far away.

Mom and I at Heather's birthday party.

Darcy, Miss Tall International 2010 Joy Dawson, and the 2 other MTI Judges.

Another fun memory I have is beginning to write on the Tall Blog.  Here’s how it happened:  I met Darcy (the founder of the Tall Blog) at the Tall Club Convention where he was judging the 2010 Miss Tall International.  We chatted after the pageant was over and voila!  Here I am.   I even happen to have a picture of Darcy along with the other two judges of the Miss Tall International contest as well as Joy Dawson, the reigning Miss Tall International 2010.    I think they were dancing in this picture but I’m not exactly sure.  Either way, doesn’t everyone look so happy?

So, what could 2010 possibly be missing?  I spent time with my Tall Friends, a lot of time working, and as much time as I could with my boyfriend traveling.  Part 2 of my blog will talk about what I am doing already in 2011 to make sure I don’t miss out on some very important people.  I’m also going to talk about my resolutions that I’ve made for this year. I’ve already started on mine and with some perseverance and a little bit of luck, I might actually complete them!

Till next time.


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