Jokes about being Tall

I don’t trust you shorter guys…your brains are too close to your ass!

This is what I want to do to the author of this ridiculous article.

I was perusing the internet and I found this crazy article ( that discusses how you must be sensitive to a tall person when making jokes, particularly women.  And I quote, “it’s important that they are emotionally equipped to have the strength to deal with such juvenile behavior as using jokes about tall folks. Tall ladies should be proud of their tall stature, but may also choose to be cognizant of their clothing so as not to over play their height.”

Now I’ve been made fun of before and there ARE times when it hurts but to suggest that  have to be cognizant of my clothing in order to downplay my height is one of the silliest things I have ever heard.  If anything, I find clothing helps me to accentuate my positive.  Height is AWESOME and I can’t reiterate it enough.  Sometimes I feel like I get on a pedestal about being tall because I really can’t imagine life any other way and I don’t understand those people who don’t like to be tall.

Jokes about height can be really funny.  I go back to my college joke when the wrestler asked me, ‘How the weather was up there?’  I’m no longer at the age (nor do I feel it’s appropriate) where I can go around spitting on people and tell them it’s raining.  However whether you are tall or short, picking on people based on something they can’t control is…well…not nice.


I say, pick on me because I’m an idiot who thinks that shirts that say ‘Mantastic’ are quite possibly the best invention known to the Pacific Northwest.  I will wear this shirt to whatever, whenever.  And I’ll wear it proudly and probably get a ton of compliments.

Pick on me because I have a loud mouth or I laugh too loud.  Or I have too much fun on the train.  Or because I’m being mean to someone who was probably trying to be helpful to tall women and assist them by showing them how to not get picked on…

Pick on me because I continue to make poor fashion choices.  I wear clothes that most people wouldn’t, like my bib-overalls.  I wear them because I like them.  Actually, I wear whatever I want because I like it.  Period.  At least I’m not wearing Mickey Mouse or some other cartoon character.  I just think that’s tacky….(yeah, I said it.)

I'm just me and that's all I've got.


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