New clothing and shoe choices

That's me on the prowl for a good deal!

I am always on the look-out for tall clothes.  Wait…quality tall clothes at reasonable prices.  I’m constantly searching online and I’ve even taken to reading user blogs because you can pick up all kinds of tidbits regarding little known shops or even gently used shops.  But I think it’s even more exciting when companies contact you.  They know you are serious about finding quality clothing (of course I admit to my own online shopping addiction all the time and my closet is a bit overflowing these days).

In my years of playing volleyball and basketball as well as being a member of Tall Clubs International, I’ve come across many women (and men) who simply can’t find clothing.  I can remember being in high school and dreading ‘Game Days’.  Game Days meant we had to dress up.  My older sister and I shared a closet most of the time and we would switch outfits on a bi-weekly basis.  Yes, that means exactly how it sounds.  You might see Heather wearing an outfit on a Tuesday, then I’d be wearing that same outfit on Friday.  The horror!  (And if you are reading this and know Heather and I personally, you KNOW how different we are and how awkward this was for both of us!)

So how exciting is this? I’ve gotten several e-mails from TALL clothing resources letting me know about their products. YAY for anyone who is clothing our tall bodies in fashionable attire!  Hats off to you.

Hot shoes

Barefoot Tess – Um, can you say GREAT SHOES!  Holy cow.  I didn’t realize there were so many choices and it almost makes me feel guilty that I ‘only’ wear a size 10.5 to 11 shoe.   I must have the shoes on the right.  In fact, if you are on Facebook (as I am) and you ‘Like’ the Barefoot Tess page, click on the ‘Shop Now’ tab to receive a coupon code that will save you an additional 15% (this is a one time code and make sure you write down the code on the same day that you Like the page).

They carry wider sizes and fit up to size 15 for women.  Additionally, if you have a smaller foot, they are linked with a company called “Lori’s” which carry’s size 5 through 11.5.

Lanky Bird – Wow.  Beautiful clothes.  As I was looking at the clothes on the website I noticed they all have a little ‘extra’.  A bit of flair, if you will.  The dress below shows a bit of the tailoring and the added splashes of color make this dress timeless.

Adorable little dress.

I should mention that I’ve never ordered from their website but I must say that I was impressed by their ‘About Me’ section.  If you aren’t sure of your size; E-MAIL THEM.  They seemed very willing to assist in sizing.  I know I’ve ran into sizing issues between countries and it can be costly returning clothes so if they are willing to help figure out your best fit, I would absolutely enlist the help of professionals.

Simply put, I love this blouse.

Simply Tall – I mentioned Simply Tall a few months ago but I’ve since ordered several pieces of clothing from their catalog and I have to say that I’m quite impressed.  I’m leaving for Europe in less than 2 weeks and you can bet that you will see lots of pictures of me in the the shirt pictured.  I love it.  It’s flattering, drapes in all the right places and I have the right jewelry and hats to make it an ‘Outfit’.  You know what I mean.

I’ve also gotten a couple of other items from Simply Tall but this one is my favorite.  I can’t wait to wear it in Paris or maybe Brussels or even London!

Speaking of Europe we’ve got our trip all mapped out so I hope to have some wonderful stories to share (pictures too).  I’ve got this crazy idea for another ‘Taking Pictures with Short People – European Version’.  Whaddya think?


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