Tall and in London, England

Hi everyone! This is going to be a (pardon the pun) short blog. I’m currently on my vacation. It’s the longest vacation I’ve ever taken in my entire life: 2 full weeks!  We flew into Amsterdam, then we stayed in Brussels for 1 day,1 full day in Brugge, and right now I’m currently sitting in the ‘Taylor Walker Pub’ in London, England very near Buckingham Palace.  I’m drinking a Bulmers (Apple Cider Beer that is delicious and I thought was only in Ireland–score!) and I wanted to let you all know that I’ve got lots of stories but I’m so busy sight-seeing, I’ve no time to write.  So, this is the extent of the blog…almost.  I’m going to post a few pictures as well.

Famous peeing baby statue in Brussels.

We started out in Amsterdam when we landed.  Literally, we took our bags to the train station for storing and then went on a canal tour.  It was pretty awesome.  We only had a couple of hours so after the boat tour we walked around the red-light district for a bit then quickly headed to the train.

Next stop, Brussels.  The picture above shows me in Brussels.  We really only had one full day in Brussels because the next day we spent North of the city in a a smaller town called Brugge.  Amazing.

Were people shorter? I have a theory to be shared later.

Brugge is a delightful town because of the history-punch it packs.  so much history in such a small place.  If you get a chance I would totally recommend visiting this city.  Take the canal tour as well as the horse carriage tour, they are both worth it.  As you can probably tell, Brugge was pretty awesome and I have also found my favorite beer there, Leffe.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it…lots of yummy spices.  It’s delicious.

Right now I’m in London. This is my 2nd day in London and if I went into detail into everything I’ve seen, I would never stop typing.  So as a tease I’ll offer a few details that I will expand on later.

  • As a very general statement, I have found that people are taller in Europe, so far.  And only the men.  I’ve seen 1 woman taller than me and both of us thought we spotted an Adam’s apple (if you know what I mean).  So ladies, I’ve been extremely impressed by the male height so far.
  • Fashion is very interesting.  Lots of scarves by women AND men.  My neck feels naked.
  • Boots, boots, and more boots.  If you don’t have boots that you tuck your jeans into, you aren’t ‘cool’.
  • Leggings or jeggings.  Fat or skinny, it doesn’t matter.
  • Young girls wear either a ton of make-up or none.  I’ve yet to see one that’s in-between.

That’s all for now.  It’s time for us to catch the tube back to Kings Cross and see what our neighborhood has to offer.

Tomorrow I leave for France, we’ll see how this ‘tallness’ plays out amongst the French.  Historically speaking, I don’t recall any tall French figures.  Till next week!

In front of Buckingham Palace.


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