Am I shrinking?

I’ve been 6’4″ for as long as I can remember. In fact when I was in college and played basketball, I was pretty sure that I was a little above 6’4″. Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that I don’t ‘feel’ as tall as I used to.

I attributed it to the fact that I joined a Tall Club and started hanging around taller people. I also rationalized that my boyfriend is 6’4″ so it just feels like I’m shorter because I’m not used to always looking eye to eye with someone. Both make me feel better, but I’m still left wondering.

My foot size has shrunk.  I used to be a size 11 but now I’m pretty much always a 10.5.  Should I be worried?  I talked to my doctor about this and she didn’t seem too worried.  She said it’s pretty normal for people to shrink as we get older and gravity takes its toll on us.  But I still wonder.  When we were traveling in Europe there was a sign that said ‘maximum head room, 6’4″‘.   Check it out below…what gives?  I AM 6’4″ yet it certainly appears that there is at least 1.5 inches of leeway, maybe even 2 inches!  I should mention, there was an slight incline in the floor so I suppose that could be a part of it…

What the heck? Am I not 6'4" anymore? I looked ticked off in the picture.

Now I know I’m not short, so I’m definitely not worried about that but I actually like saying that I’m 6’4″.  I don’t want to shrink!  I happen to enjoy standing out in a crowd….or standing out amongst those dressed up like 17th and 18th century royalty (see below).

Me and William the First's daughter and some guy...never did catch their names.

Hopefully I won’t shrink anymore so that I can at least remain on the short side of 6’4″.  I think diet and exercise play important factors here and quite frankly, I’ve not exercised like I should (hence the 15 pound weight gain over the last 1.5 years–I should delve into that one in a blog, that would be fun).  I guess as long as I’m still considered ‘That Tall Girl’ or simply ‘Tall Holli’ then I’ll be fine.

I’m Tall Holli.  I don’t want to be anything else.


One thought on “Am I shrinking?

  1. This is something I’ve wondered about. There are a lot of reasons for losing height and my doctor says most people start losing height sometime in their 30s, although it is usually very slow at first. Exercise and good posture are apparently important and, for later life getting enough calcium. My physician takes my height carefully every year. Since she has been doing this for four years my height hasn’t really varied, but I’m 26 now. She said depending on how I take care of myself I can expect to lose from 1 to 3 cm by the time I’m 50. I would like to make that as small as possible.

    So talking to your doctor makes sense and even getting a careful measurement and checkout your posture in a mirror. You’re probably about what you have been years ago.

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