Too Tall for a Massage Table

Interesting how we mold ourselves to 'fit'...

I’m really too tall for any tables.  I started noticing this about 10-12 years ago when I had to have several surgeries.  The nurses were really kind and sometimes the hospitals would have extensions for the beds and the operating tables but most of the time my feet would hang off the ends.  And even now every time I go to the doctor those teeny little tables are made for toddlers.  I simply don’t fit.

I have this problem when I go for a massage too.  I awkwardly position myself on the table and the masseuse has to maneuver around my legs because usually the rooms are fairly small and there’s not a lot of room to move around.  I obviously don’t want to stop getting massages (or surgeries for that matter) but what do you do?

You know, now that I think about it, sometimes when I get my hair done at my awesome hair salon (Blades) I sit so high up in the chair that Gaylynn, my stylist, doesn’t even have to raise the chair.  I don’t necessarily think this is an inconvenience though, unless I’m sitting too tall.

In my everyday life I’ve stopped thinking about these daily occurrences because they happen so often that I’ve gotten used to them.  The tiny airline seats, being unable to fit in movie seats or sporting events bleachers, un-tucking the hotel sheets in hotels beds because my feet hang off, having to bend over sinks to wash dishes, ducking when I see hanging plants or dining room lights…the list goes on and on.

I make up for these daily annoyances because so many good things happen to even it out.  I’ve been asked if I’m a model more times than I can count (it’s the height), little old ladies always ask how tall I am and I’ve frequently been asked to assist with getting groceries off of a top shelf or putting luggage away in the luggage bin for someone much shorter than me.  I think it’s wonderful!  Oh, and I can gain 10 pounds and no one complains except for the poor buttons on my jeans.

I really don’t mind being tall, even if there are a few inconveniences that go along with it.  Things could be a lot worse….right???


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