Images for Tall on Google

Have you ever simply done a Google image search based on the word tall? You should try it, it’s quite entertaining. In fact, here’s the link to check it out yourself but please press the back button when you are done and finish reading my story.

Sometimes you have unintended consequences when you complete a search like this as I found a few pictures that were quite disconcerting.  My favorite picture was a ‘Who Tall Are You?” Chart.  Confused?  I was too until I started reading about it.  Essentially instead of a normal height chart, this chart will tell you how tall you are in comparison to the heights of famous people.  I think this sounds fascinating and would very much like to have one of my own.  But I have a feeling that there will be few celebrities who match my height.

Who Tall Are YOU?

And then I came across this little gem below.  Who knew that in 1903 not only had scientists perfected the ‘hows’ of becoming tall, but if you wanted to be tall you merely had to send away for this concoction .  Incredible!

And then of course there are all kinds of movies with the word TALL in it.  I’ve never heard of any of these movies and there’s one in particular that I find a little offensive although I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be that way:

Seriously?? She's too tall?

Boy, we have a lot of work to do to change the meaning of Tall.  It’s a wonderful thing and Brigette Nielsen–you aren’t too tall.

There are a ton of other images for you to peruse when you check out the link and you’ll probably be laughing just as much as I did.  Seriously funny stuff!!!!!


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