Settle for Holli?

I was re-reading some old journal and blog entries from years ago and I came across one that made me laugh. But before I talk about what I did, let me talk about Brian.

Several years ago (okay, about 10 years) I was living in Des Moines, IA and somebody forwarded me this hilarious link. I’ve never forgotten about it and it popped up today as I was thinking about what to write for this blog. The link was called: and I searched for it today hoping to share this with you but alas, the link is no longer accessible.

This is what Brian called his 'worst picture ever'.

A 30 year old guy named Brian Wolf was tired of trying the’s and the eHarmoney’s so he created a website called Settle for Brian.  His theory behind the title is that there are no perfect relationships and he very carefully laid out all of what he thought were his pros and cons on the site.  This way all women would know exactly what she was getting into if she contacted him, no games.  The site was funny, witty and the pictures were hilarious.

‘Forget about finding perfection’ he writes, ‘because it doesn’t exist’.  So he offers himself, as  himself.  He also offers a myriad of his pros and cons and he also listed at the top of the site that he doesn’t want kids.  I love the honesty.

Food for thought, here are some of his pros and cons that I could find still out there on the internet:


  • Pros:-I’m 6′ tall. 6’1 on a good day. So unless you’re an amazon, you can wear heels and still feel comfortable with me.
  • I have a pretty good sense of humor. I once saran wrapped a co-worker’s car for April Fool’s Day.
  • I’m not fat.
  • I shower every day without fail.
  • I know all the words to “Baby Got Back.”
  • I own my own tux.


  • I’m balding up front. I take propecia, but I don’t think it’s working. It costs a ridiculous $60 a month, but I take it anyway on the off chance that it’s slowing down my hair loss. Pretty pathetic, really. Ironically, while I’m losing the hair on my head, I’ve got way too much on my legs
  • I have a poor sense of style. Left to my own devices, I would pick ugly clothing, so I am perfectly happy to let women pick out the clothes they want me to buy. I guess this could be a pro if you are a control freak.
  • Sometimes for pictures I try to do Blue Steel a la Zoolander. What I end up with are really bizarre pictures…

Okay, I know that above does not do the true site justice but it was fantastic!  The guy was hilarious and had I lived near him, I totally would’ve contacted him.  Although…his comment about his height and the amazon thing leads me to believe he may not be comfortable with a taller woman.

Bad photo of me...for the record, I am NOT a husker fan. Go IOWA HAWKEYES!!!!

Anyway, so a LONG time ago when I had a blog on myspace (which has been taken down for several years) I was goofing around and did something similar.  I put a list of my pros and cons out there although mine were more for fun.   I’ll put them at the end but this whole thought-process got me to thinking about how we try to cover our imperfections especially when we are in relationships or if we are trying to find that someone special.  I applaud this guy for at least attempting to start the conversation of “here’s my bad stuff, now let’s hear about yours” because that’s so rare.

Being as tall as I am I can’t hide.  You automatically see one of my pros (or cons if you don’t like tall women) but that’s okay, it’s my conversation starter and it works every time.  What’s yours?

And now onto my Pros/Cons!
Pros: I’m no good. Rotten to the core. I punch little kids and trip old people. I’m weird and I play video games. I consider cold hot dogs a staple for weekend lunches. Coffee and mexican food unfortunately have no effect on my intestines. I make fun of everyone. I wear white after labor day. I like to drink on Sundays. I have a membership in the Earth Children series. I dance alone. Bad punctuation and grammer downright tick me off.

Cons: I have a conscience and morals (damn). I eat steak. I favor iceburg lettuce over the healtier choice of spinach. I think monopoly was the best game the Parker Brothers ever invented. I like cats. I prefer rain over sunshine. I enjoy my job.


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