Tall Casting Call?

Have you seen the casting call put out by Gay Rosenthal Productions?  They are looking people and/or families with members of the family over 6’6″ tall!  I’ve seen requests similar to this over the past several years and so far this request looks to be the most legitimate.  I’ve seen in the past where producers are looking for a specific type of tall person, for example only tall women.  And then they make a documentary about how sad it is for tall women to find tall men and be happy.  UGH.

A couple of years ago I was corresponding with a producer about a possible reality TV show that would star both my boyfriend and me as a tall couple.  It was actually very exciting and the thought of being on TV was quite thrilling.  We had put together multiple videos and interviews with both of us together and then individually discussing what it was like to be tall and how it affected our lives.  It seemed promising at the time but it dragged on for months and eventually we lost interest.

I have to admit that I’m curious about this show especially since is the same producers that created the winning hit, “Little People, Big World”.  I’m almost tempted to send in a family photo…my dad is 6’6″ and my whole family is tall, even my cousins.  But alas, the taller the person the better the story and I’m sure there are much better stories out there than mine.

I'm at the Roloff farm (Little People, Big World) getting a pumpkin for Halloween!!

If any of you out there do contact the show, let us know.  It sure would be interesting to hear how everything works out.

To see more information please see their Facebook page here.


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