How to tell if you are TALL?

Some people believe they are tall. Others know themselves to be tall. Many have been told they are tall, but how do you know?  I thought it might be fun to put together a few tests that you can try for yourself.  Then you’ll know if you are truly tall or if somebody’s feeding you a line of bull.

  1. Do you spend inordinate amounts of time admiring the tops of people’s heads?
  2. Can you touch a standard 9 foot ceiling without a lot of effort?
  3. Have you ever had one of the following nicknames: Stretch, Olive Oyl, Big <insert your name here>, Giraffe, Tiny, Tree, or Tall <insert your name here>?
  4. When out with friends, do you always get the front seat?
  5. Do you have trouble finding an inseam longer than 36 inches?
  6. Has anyone ever gasped when you walked by?
  7. Have you been asked to get something off of a top shelf in a grocery store for a random stranger?
  8. Did you play sports because the coaches asked you to?
  9. If you had $1 for every time someone asked you how tall you were, would you be a thousandaire?
  10. Have you ever hit your head on a stop sign?

With the exception of number 8, I have had all of the above happen to me.  It wasn’t until number 10 that I realized, “Yep, I’m damn tall.”  I mean seriously, it’s not everyday you walk directly into a stop sign (not the post, the actual sign).

My 6'1" sister with her daughter.

1 thought on “How to tell if you are TALL?

  1. # 7 is the one that I get the most. It’s not there fault they are short but if I were to ask them to tie my shoes they would probably be offended

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