I Love My Height (.com)

I LOVE fun t-shirts. I will wear anything that will start up an interesting conversation.  Add that to my height and you have instant fun!  Here’s the kicker…I found a NEW website created by 4 wonderfully tall women and it’s going to knock your socks off!

Before I explain, let me give you the link.  The site is called ‘I Love My Height’

Anna McCord, 6'2" (picture from ILoveMyHeight.com)

1.  It’s a TALL t-shirt site–that’s right.  It’s dedicated to those lovely long legs.  I mean, who doesn’t want t-shirts that say awesome things?

2.  The company is founded by TALL women.  Each of them is tall ranging from 5’11” to 6’2″.  They know what it’s like to be tall and they’ve not only embraced it, but they’ve made it fun.  Wear it on your chest…they dare you!

3.  They have a pretty wide range in sizing from junior sizes to misses sizing.  Junior fits range from XS to XXL.  Misses fits range from XS to a 4XL.  That’s a pretty great range of sizing guaranteed to fit everyone!

4.  They offer t-shirts in wholesale.  If you like a particular t-shirt and want to buy a lot of them, contact these ladies.  I’m thinking…bachelorette parties???  (Have I mentioned that I’ve been in 11 wedding and I’m REALLY good at throwing bachelorette parties?)

5.  There is one t-shire that I’m looking forward to purchasing (below).  This way everyone knows how tall I am.  I can own it!  (Although I need a shirt that says 6’4″)

Yup, no questions there!

This is what being tall and lovin’ it looks like!


6 thoughts on “I Love My Height (.com)

  1. I don’t have any of theirs, but they look good.

    I’m a huge fan of threadless tees and one of the designs is *made* for tall and happy women! It really shows how I feel about my height

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