Where’s Holli?

There really is no excuse for my absence.  I’d love to make up this great story about how I was whisked away to Australia by some handsome goat-herder and I lost track of the last 3 months…but I really have no excuse what-so-ever.

Or I could tell you how I was walking down the street on my way to Starbucks and I  hit my head on another stop sign.  It caused me memory loss for the past 3 months.   It also prompted me to hop on the next bus to New Orleans and I’ve been supplementing my income by tap dancing with street urchins. (I did take 8 years of tap-dancing lessons)

In all honesty, I have been busy with work and with my life in general.  Usually I’ve always been able to find time to write.  It’s part of who I am.  But lately it seems I’ve been very, very busy and I’ve got nothing to show for my craziness except an empty blog!

Now I will tell you that I have some exciting stories coming.  Remember the really funny, ‘Interview with a Tall Guy‘ (Chris Clapham)?  If you click the link you’ll get to see his hilarious interview.  I actually got to meet him when I was in MN visiting my family!!!  I’m going to be blogging about that awesome experience.  He’s a kick in the pants.  I’ll also be blogging about what I’ve been doing this summer and about what I’ve not been doing this summer.  I’ve got some great photos to share because you know how I love to take pics with people.

Funny Man Clapham and Moi!

So yes, I’ve been a bit absent as of late and I apologize for this from the bottom of my heart.   I’m hell-bent on getting back to the weekly writing (as I sit here on a Saturday night pretending to watch the movie, ‘Inception’, reading People magazine, and consuming Riesling with my 3 cats!  I’m so cool…)  Too much work and no  fun means no horseplay for Holli…..

Ummmm...I might be too big for this horse!

More to come….


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