The Ultimate TALL Guy?

Now that I’ve got all the ladies attention (and possibly a few of the fellas attention) I’d like to back up.  Do you guys remember when I blogged last April about an ‘Amazingly Funny Tall Interview‘?  In the event you don’t remember, I’m going to ask that you click the link and watch this interview in order to refresh your memory.  Take a peek at my very quick blog and listen to the YouTube video in order for this blog to make any sense.  I thank you in advance!

So now that you are caught up you recall, Chris Clapham.  The very handsome, quick-witted, tall gentleman who happened to catch my attention when I saw his YouTube video.  WELL…I was lucky enough to get to meet him.  That’s right!!  He lives near one of my sisters and when my family went on our fishing trip to MN, we got an opportunity to meet.  Lucky for me, he lives near Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.  Let me just say this:  He is awesome!

Chris and me!! Oh yeah!! He's tall.

I’ll be honest, I was so incredibly excited to meet Chris.  He’s tall, funny, athletic, good looking, did I mention funny?  He’s the real deal ladies!!!

Part of the reason why I was excited to meet Chris is because it’s not too often I see men taller than me who I think could be as funny in person as they are in a video interview.  I was intrigued because the more FUN friends you have, the better your entire life of traveling becomes especially if they live near your sister and you will have the opportunity to see them again at some point!  (also it’s kinda nice to make your boyfriend a bit jealous…..he he…that’s a terrible, yet honest confession, isn’t it?)

Holli's Angels (Heather, Chris, & Holli)

Thank you to Chris for giving me and my family the chance to get to know you.  You were great fun and we all enjoyed meeting you.  Ladies–he’s the real deal.  Great guy, down to earth, and FUNNY!!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part of the night.  You guys need to see the chili dog that I had for dinner.  Holy Moses was this thing awesome!!!!!

The Chili Cheese Dog (chili on the side)


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