I’m always ‘The Tall One’ in pictures

I got tickets to go see David Sedaris speak on Friday night and I have to say I LOVE the man. He probably wouldn’t love me back so therefore I’ll continue my search for my ultimate soul-mate but until then, David Sedaris is it for me!   He. Is. Awesome.  I’d never heard him speak before and I think he’s brilliantly, funny. Humor is next to cleanliness in my book so the man is awesome.

Anyway, that’s not actually what I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to talk about why the heck I always have to look so darn tall when I take pictures.  I’ve been putting together a little photo album for a special little niece of mine so I’ve been going through my photos and I realize that unless I’m at a tall club event (or with my family), I’m huge.

Someone this huge drinks a lot of wine! Oh wait...

Okay, I know I’m not huge, just tall but sometimes I can look very large depending on who I’m standing with or even how the camera is posed.  That sucks.  Good thing I think it’s funny or else I could have a huge complex about this.  Also a good thing I’m not a celebrity with paparazzi following me all the time.  They would be forever putting me on the cover of some nasty rag-tag magazine with some horrible headline.  I’m not even going to make up a ridiculous headline because I’m sure we could all think of the awful things they would say.

Can you guess which one is ME?

BTW, if you are still doubting what I’m saying let me get to the whole reason why I’m writing this blog.  This picture was taken on Friday night right after the David Sedaris talk (which again people…awesome!) and I felt really great in this pretty dress and I was all dressed up and then I saw this picture.  I’m huge.

This is me and my favorite waiter, Carlos. Known him since I moved to PDX!

Do you see what I mean?  *Sigh*

(BTW…HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my OLDER sister HEATHER!!!!!)


2 thoughts on “I’m always ‘The Tall One’ in pictures

  1. I was on some committee or other several years ago, and our photo was published in the local paper. When I first saw it, I didn’t even see myself. Then I realized that I was so much taller than the rest of them, that it looked like they were standing in front of a portrait of me, posted high on the wall.

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