Tall Girls-A Story of Giants (New Movie coming out)

I’m not happy. Let’s start there.

Is this really what it has come to?

I stumbled across a new TALL documentary about tall women and my thoughts are…things really need to change.  In the first 2 minutes  of the trailer I was pissed off.  From what I saw this is yet another film that makes tall women look like circus freaks.  The film shows younger girls getting medical treatments to prevent  them from growing and older women discussing how difficult it is to be tall.  Say what?!?

Arianne Cohen is in the film and although I greatly respect her for her Tall Book, I was disappointed in the comments shown of her speaking.  Where are all of the positive role models?  Can’t we be tall, happy, confident women?  Why do we have to be shown in this horrible light?

Or…did I take this wrong?  That is entirely possible because I’m overly protective of my fellow tall women and anything that could potentially throw a negative light on my height-blessed peers also throws me into a tizzy!

Comments are welcome!  I have contacted the company and have asked for some more information.  Here is the website: http://tallgirls-thefilm.com/page/

Please view the trailer and let me know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Tall Girls-A Story of Giants (New Movie coming out)

  1. Sigh. This sort of thing makes me very upset. It certainly seems to be about the circus freak aspect – something I reject. It is inconceivable to me that someone would alter a child’s height.

    When I was a preteen in Canada I was taken to an endocrinologist to make sure it “wasn’t something bad”. This meant a two hour trip into Calgary about once a month. One of the doctors recommended my growth be halted, fortunately my parents objected. It turns out stunting growth, besides being just plain silly, is medically dangerous and there is very little effect – 2 to 4 cm maximum – as if that would make a difference. There is an excellent book that goes into people to try to change their child’s growth. “Normal at any Cost” by Susan Cohen and Christine Cosgrove. It turns out it (particularly increasing the height of short boys) is a big business and the book is an window into medical ethics.

    I’m in the camp that my height isn’t a big deal. I honestly don’t really think about it very much and neither do my friends. If someone gives me a hard time I know they are someone I may not want to associated with. There are some issues getting clothing and a few other things that fit, but that is a small price to pay. Mostly it is something I’m proud of and my friends seem to be proud of knowing me as well.

    The best book I’ve seen for helping late preteens and teens feel good about themselves. It is written by someone who is different for kids with *any* differences – height being just one possibility. John Schwartz is a science and legal writer for the NY times and wrote “Short: Walking Tall When You’re Not Tall at All” – although it is written from the point of view of a short male teen, it is applicable to anyone. I would recommend it way before Arianne’s book.

  2. I’m so glad to find someone that had the same reaction I had. And I’m shocked by all the people commenting on it who say ‘yes, I also experienced a lot of difficulty being a tall girl/women’. I have *never* had a negative experience with it – compliments, cat calls, unsolicited appreciative looks at worst, but that’s about sexism, not being tall. It’s not a negative and we shouldn’t encourage people to think it is. And medication!? To stop it!? What in the world!?!?!?

  3. I saw this trailer a little differently. I was telling my friends about it and showed them the trailer and they saw my excitement and a friend said “Is this all true?” I said “Yeah, pretty much”. I love being tall and I wouldn’t change who I am at all, but it can suck, and this documentary seems to be “the True story” of being a tall woman. Yes, there are stares, and stupid comments, and dating isn’t ideal, and it’s hard to find clothes……I think this is all common place and while it’s good to be tall, it also isn’t exactly easy to be a tall woman, and this documentary doesn’t sugar coat that.

  4. To this day, we lost many young ones in death because of being bullied. Being tall is an asset every tall woman should know that. Growing up among short people is the worst night mare. I am happy to say that the Movie had such a possitive effect on me as a mother who is 6.1. Rather than allow my children to go through surgery, I want to help my children feel beautiful about their appearance and face the world with confidence,
    The Tall Book also compliments the beauty of being tall. I love it and thanks to author.

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