What was I thinking?

Who wears stuff like this? Apparently I think that I do.

You see this jump-suit.  I ordered it.  Yes, I did.  I know, what was I thinking?  Well, let me tell you….

It’s a Tuesday.  I worked a long day at work and I came home where I proceeded to clean, do laundry, go grocery shopping and complete a bunch of mind-numbing chores that allowed me to justify having a glass of wine.  (I did keep it to one glass)

After I completed my chores and I sat down on the couch to drink my glass o’ wine I obviously needed to do something…and shopping online seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to this activity.  I found this jump-suit at a Tall Clothing website called Tall and All.  I’ve never ordered from there and I’m hoping that this suit fits although where I’m going to wear this…I’ve no clue.

I can’t promise that I’ll post pictures because I’ve no idea what this is going to look like but in the event that anyone out there has never heard of the website Tall and All, check it out. they even have latex pants.  And no, I didn’t order those.






3 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Hi! Did you receive the jumpsuit? How do you like it? I checked out the Tallandall shop, I found lots of interesting stuff there and I’d be grateful for any reviews regarding the shop and it’s clothes… 🙂

  2. oh WOW! I just ordered a jumpsuit from this site (for my daughter’s wedding) and I am now freaking out! What if it is awful! I have decided, no worries, for ordering the jumpsuit led me to your blog 🙂 I am 6′, and have been so since I was 13! Love, love love my height…decided at that young age, HEY! I am gonna rock this, and have been doing so ever since.
    I have five kids (23,22,21,17,14) my husband is short, he says he is 5’10, but he is really 5’8 🙂
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog…Thank you! What fun! and as my momma always told me, STAND TALL, STAND PROUD and strut your stuff!

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