A Tall Girl’s attempt at Dating (in a short world)

Let me start out by saying that I strongly dislike being single.  My last relationship was 4 1/2 years and I miss being part of a couple.  I like the partnership, the fun, the giggles, the ability to do things together: movies, dinners, snuggling, anything really.  I had thought this last one was forever but I guess you both need to want the same things, right?  So here I am starting over and trying to figure it all out, once again.

I’m searching for Mr. Right…

Which brings me to the how.  How do you meet people?  I’m 39.  When I was in college you met people…in college.  In classes, at the bar, at the library.  People were everywhere!  Now if I go anywhere, I find that the men are all married.  Or really short.  But let me clarify my last point, height doesn’t matter THAT much to me although my last relationship taught me that having someone close to my height was really nice.  I’d prefer to have my next man/boyfriend/lover to be able to gaze longingly into my eyes….

So what do I do?  How can I meet single, taller men?  Well….I’m choosing Match.com.  Last week I uploaded my profile and crossed my fingers.  I tried Match years ago and was disappointed.  I got tons of ‘winks’ from very old men and extremely short men.  Nothing against either, but definitely not what I was looking for.  Maybe it was a good lesson for me because now I have low expectations and high hopes.

One of my profile pictures. Will it snag me a date? Wait and see!

So far I’ve gotten more than enough uninteresting ‘winks’.  I mean seriously, do men read my ‘what I’m looking for’ section and then think, “Ah, she’ll make an exception for me!  I may be 5’5″ and 66 years old but she’s definitely going to fall for me!”  When I wrote that I was looking for men between 28 and 45, I really meant that.  And when I wrote that I was looking for men over 6’2″, I meant that as well.  I like self-confidence in a man but too much is not a good look on anyone.

So here I go….wading out into the seemingly uncrowded dating pool.  Will I be lucky in love?  I’ll keep you updated periodically as I continue this journey.  Wish me luck!  Keep reading to find out more…..  😉

17 thoughts on “A Tall Girl’s attempt at Dating (in a short world)

  1. I’m a 6’1″ 30 year old, and yes, it’s tougher when you’re not college age. I tried Match.com and the exact same thing happened to me! They were far older than what I was looking for, and a lot shorter. Those “Things I’m Looking For” aren’t just suggestions as to what I want, they’re the real deal. I wish you luck!!!!

  2. I think dating as you get older is rough no matter what your height. Is it a little easier for guys yes. But at 6’7″ and the impending future of tall guy possible future bad back and knees, I’d prefer taller myself. I’ve set my limit at the absolute shortest is 5’8″. Not that tall but still in my peripheral vision when walking around and can be “tall” with 4″ heels on. Search on Holli and Aimee! There’s always a 36 year old in San Diego as well! =)

    • I agree with Brian here I’m slightly taller at 6’11 and 5’8 seems to be really the minimum height. The downside to that plan here is jersey is loaded with short people!

  3. I’m sure you will be lucky in love. I tried several dating sites. It goes the same for men. I’m 6″8., put down women above 5″11. Still got the opposite. Luckily I met my fiancée through a tall club. Good luck but I’m sure you won’t be single for long. 🙂

  4. I’m 6’2″ and have the same problem on dating sites, men older and shorter than I’ve stated I’m looking for! When I do find a taller man, he’s not interested in me!

  5. Shorter guy here. Not feeling sorry for any of the taller women who have this issue. Both short women and tall women want tall men, no one wants short men (not even short women). Tall women don’t get dates only because they do it to themselves (refuse to date short, or shorter). I have no problems dating a tall woman.

    Source: I’m 5’6

  6. I think you make a fantastic point. I’ve actually said multiple times that I should never limit myself based on something that someone can’t control (height) and I have dated men your height. It wasn’t that big of deal, however I have learned that I do enjoy looking into someone’s eyes. I will go on record to say that if there was a short man who intrigued me as much as my past men have….I would date him.

    However, this time around I’m going to attempt to find a match close to my height. We’ll see what happens.

  7. hmmm… Source has a good point. But for the ladies, where are you all living? Any in NYC? I’m pretty sure the closer you get to here, the faster that tall/short not finding anyone problem will dissolve

  8. I am younger and shorter than you (5’8) and I also live in your city. You probably missed me by not looking in my direction (down). I am sure you will find a tall guy online without any problems (you are a good looking woman). I would just make sure that tall isn’t your only requirement. Douche bags come in all heights. Good luck!

  9. I have a lot of male friends shorter than I am who chastise me for not wanting to date someone considerably shorter than me. I’ve told them a thousand times before that if you’ve never been a tall woman don’t put yourself in our shoes. This may shock a lot of people out there, but being tall still makes me a woman who likes to feel feminine. Shorter men in the past I’ve dated have not even attempted to “defend my honor”. Do I need someone to take care of me? No. Would I like them to TRY? Absolutely!

  10. Sigh. Imagine being a 7’3″ man going to dance lessons with 5 footers. Anyways, if any of you women want to help me find someone, perhaps it would behoove me to appreciate your help.

  11. I’m just an average 5’7″ and I love it that my husband is tall enough for me to wear high heels but not too tall to give me neck ache when I want to look into his eyes so I absolutely know where you are coming from…. I do not understand how on earth you are still single – you are clever, look absolutely gorgeous and have definately a good sense of homour. Oh and the old guys thing on match.com: they set their filter to “female” and write to everyone that fits the criteria…….. 😉

  12. I really do wish u luck….I and few tall gf have been down this road !!….Only 1 friend found a partner 6 months ago and still going strong..as for me maybe next year I will try again but very cynical about whole thing !!!!

  13. I honestly think the whole short guy thing is a stereotype. I’m 5’4, and all of the girls who have ever expressed liking me was my height or taller. The last relationship I was in she was taller. She didn’t care. We were practically best friends. I don’t see why something someone can’t change would be such a strong influence on how good of a partner they’ll be. It didn’t bother me when girls were taller than me. It didn’t make me any less of a man. It didn’t make her any less of a women. It was a great relationship for while it lasted – nonetheless.

  14. I hope you find your tall knight too.

    Im 35, 6’5″ tall but a lil skinny lanky type of guy kinda like shaggy on scooby doo lol. Tho some see me as a twig or fall thru cracks in a floor they get shocked every time i say im really 209 bls. Finding a guy with size 13 shoes? I agree its even hard to find decent size 13 shoes now aday’s. But even harder not much clothes to fit right… Buy once wash it and it shrinks embarrasing when your tall with short shirt’s and tight waist pant’s. Out here walmart is the only place to get decent clothes.. I used to get cooler looking shirts and jeans at a stylish womans store but they stopped selling the mens stuff now its only womens.

    Anyways i feel the same when it comes to relationship finding someone near your height, feels like a sea of flowers and your the only tall tree for miles around.. I know the feeling.. I once met a woman way taller than i was back in high school of 1999. She was just visiting my school from college. Just walking around talking to teachers.. my head was close to her shoulders i was blown away it was an amazing feeling knowing women can be tall or taller too than a tall man lol, it was crazy because ive been the tallest both in elementary thru to high school.. No one was taller than i was back then.

    Never found another tall woman as years went by only short women were around so i gave in and dated short women.. i wont get into how many ive dated and the drama’s either no one likes reading about it even compicated stuff i wont say anymore.

    I really liked reading everything and i pray you do meet or get found by another tall tree in a sea of flowers.

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