One Tall Woman’s agony

Wow. I am SO sad. I was on the Tall Street Journal and I found the following excerpt from one of the discussion boards:

“It sucks!”

Posted by Jess on February 15, 2012 at 1:26am in General
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It sucks being a tall lady/ girl/woman/chick!
We are so lonely!
Why do men hate us/ say we are masculine ( there is a lot of short men, are they feminine)????
Why do people ask rude questions?
Why do all men prefer spinners?
Why do short chicks make fun of us when they are ideal
Little luckies?
Why did GOD, my parents, doctors let this happen to me?
Why do people a think/ say tall females are trannies ? Trannies can be short & look just like Kim K. Why are people mean to Khole K? Why is life defined by height? Why am
I not a supermodel???,,,,, at least I’d have $ and maybe Mr. Brady??? Why do I repel the world? Why the hell am
I am UGLY giant ? Y? Life sucks & I guess you are supposed to accept it?
Why? Why? Why?”

Of course I had to respond and try to help but honestly, this makes me so sad.  What makes this even harder for me to understand, is this woman is 5’11”.  Tall, but by no means exceptionally tall.  I wonder what makes her life so horrible.  I want to help.

So sad….


3 thoughts on “One Tall Woman’s agony

  1. How did you respond to the above? I’m 6’3″ and female. In my opinion, and from personal experience, sure, being a tall woman can make life harder at times, especially with regards to men. But everyone has their personal battles to contend with… if I wouldn’t be tall, I would have other problems. Why worry about things you can’t change? Just be yourself, enjoy life, and have a good time. Besides, if a man doesn’t want me due to my height, that’s his loss and a result of his insecurities, not mine. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as the saying goes 🙂

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