More pictures with short people

We all know I love taking pictures, particularly pictures that are taken with those of the vertically challenged.  And yes, I mean shorter people.  This past weekend I went to the Hood to Coast celebration in Seaside, OR.  For those of you that don’t know what Hood to Coast is, allow me to explain.

The Hood to Coast (HTC) is a 199 mile, relay race.  This year the race included 1,050 teams with 12 runners per team.  That’s 12,600 runners!  The race begins at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and runs all the way to the coast ending at Seaside, OR.  Every year at the end of the race, the beach at Seaside is filled to the max with runners, walkers, volunteers, partiers, and random people!  It’s awesome and I’ve gone all 5 years that I’ve lived here in the NW.  This year was no exception.

My 4’11” friend, Liz, I was dancing the night away with. She’s one of the runners!

What I find interesting about the HTC after party is the amazingly upbeat and friendly attitude of everyone at the party.  The band, “Hit Machine” plays a variety of popular and dancing tunes (I even dance so that should speak for itself).

Now maybe it’s just me, but I always find myself a head above everyone there.  Of course realizing I’m 6’4″, but I’m figuring out that runners must be a little shorter.  Now I definitely don’t mean to generalize but there weren’t that many tall people.  I did see the tall folks from Iowa that I met last year so that was nice!

In February 2010 a movie was released called the ‘Hood to Coast Movie’ and I attended the premiere here in Portland.  It was amazing!  Not only was the movie really good, but it totally captured the spirit of the whole hood to coast.  The movie follows 4 teams as they train for the HTC and as they participate in the HTC.  This weekend I saw one of the ‘stars’ in the movie and I got to take my picture with her too!

The ‘star’ from the movie is on my right. She’s tiny too!

I enjoy taking pictures with shorter people and I enjoy the Hood to Coast.  So I had a nice weekend.  I hope you did too!


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