Where my Tall Girls at?

Today’s answers to a small portion of the questions:  I’m 6’4″.  I played basketball.  I played volleyball.  My parents were tall.  My sisters are tall.  My whole family is tall.  I buy most of my clothes online.  I DO date shorter men.  I DO date taller men.  I date men, period…..

The questions got to me today in case you didn’t notice.  Usually I can shrug them off with an answer and a smile.  Most of the time I’ll flirt or crack a joke but not today.  Today I was ‘off’.  I wanted to yell for back up!  Where were my tall ladies when I needed them?!?!  I need a horn to summon women over 6’2″ or maybe I’ll just start traveling in my own tall gang.  That’s right, tall women traveling in packs!  Perhaps that will make me look (and feel) normal on the days I don’t want to deal with it and keep the questions at bay.

Crossing the street and a smile for those people that yell naughty things at me!

What I find even more interesting is the car full of young’uns that yelled some really choice (umm…flattering in a construction worker-type way) words at me when I crossed the street, something about me being a ‘something tall, something-something’ and I could ‘do something’ to one of them that probably would make my mom blush….it didn’t make my night like it usually does.  Typically I love that sort of Portland weirdness and I walk away feeling like a million bucks.  But not tonight.

Now granted, I’ve got a lot on my mind as of late but for me not to like shouting boys…weird.  And even weirder, for me to not like random weird acts of Portlandess that involve ‘boys.  Now THAT’s weird.

4 thoughts on “Where my Tall Girls at?

  1. People can be incredibly rude. I get it. There are some days where I don’t mind, and some days I can’t take it. Last week a girl in the mall said I don’t even look human. I have EARS. They know I can hear them, right? Do they think I’m so high above them the sound doesn’t even reach me?

  2. Excuse me, the call was for Tall girls, but can a Tall guy bud in? By the way, being 6′ 5″, I love Tall ladies. The average person is really stupid when it comes to height issues. When I hear someone taunting and calling a short person a midget or dwarf, I tell them, “Hey, they prefer to be called little people.” My friend, and Tall icon, Uve Skyler, has a stock reply when asked if he plays basketball, he says, “No, do you play miniature golf?” I have tried that and some take offense, so when short people ask me if I play basketball, I say, “No, I play chess.” That surprises them without offending them.

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