Where have you been Tall Girl?


**Double Sigh**

I’d like to say that there’s been something so exciting, so important, that all of my time over the past 5 months has been taken up by this ‘mysterious’ activity. However, this would be a lie. A big, fat, TALL lie.  I took a break.  I’ve spent the last few months working, reading, getting knee surgery, and trying to figure out what I wanted to write about.


This is me and my friend Angie (she’s awesome), I did celebrate St Patrick’s day this year and here’s proof I got out of my cave once!

Now that probably sounds silly, right?  I always have some tall topic to discuss but it seems lately, I’ve ran dry.  Personally, I think it’s me.  Normally I tend to look for the right situations and I haven’t.  If I’m in a store, I stare at tall people till we have a conversation.  Or I think I unknowingly invite my homeless posse to chat but  I’ve been keeping my head down and ‘living’.  But of course, for me, that’s not living unless I’m sharing what’s going on with me.

So, hopefully I’m back on the wagon, the writing wagon.  I’m much happier when I’m baring all (my thoughts).  Okay, enough about that…let’s talk some tall.

This has been a tough winter in Wisconsin.  It’s been snowy, cold, icy, freakin’ cold, and I’ve stayed inside most of the winter.  That’s no joke.  But when I did go outside for groceries or wander the malls or even hit up the tavern for a drink, I’ve not seen ANY tall people.  Where are you WI tall people?  I know you are here.  Sadly, I think they all hibernated through the cold months and hopefully now that the temperatures are ever so slowly warming up, I might see an occasional tall sighting.

Twice in the past month at the local Wal-Mart (don’t judge, it’s close, cheap, and I like to go there to get some walking in – this knee thing has been killer on me) I’ve been accosted by an elderly person to discuss my height.  That’s been pretty fun.  Although both times I’ve been un-showered, makeup free, and generally unkempt.  So not in a way where I’ve actually wanted to have a conversation.  But a smile is a form of ‘beautification’ so I worked it as best as possible and talked tall with my charm on full force.  Seemed to work.  And I did help another woman in Bed, Bath, and Beyond when she mistook me for a sales person.  That one still confuses me because I had on an Old Navy fleece and yoga pants.  So….I got her toilet seat off of the top shelf, smiled, and thanked her for her patronage.  I’m a good worker.

Hopefully this long separation from my blog hasn’t been too painful on you (dear reader – if there is anyone reading).  I’m going to do my best to write more.  I know one thing for sure, it makes me get out of my house to go in search of those ‘fun’ tall conversations and in all honestly, they light up my day.

Til next time.

2 thoughts on “Where have you been Tall Girl?

  1. Holli,

    First and formost I want to say you are my idol. I look up to you not just because of your hight but because you keep a good out look on life. I am 13 years old, and I’m picked on because of my hight. One day I decided to wear heels to a dance, not one guy would dance with me. Not one person wants to dance with a giant. Things have gotten better boys have gotten taller, but the memory of sitting alone in the corner is still there. I am proud of my hight all 6 feet of me!


  2. Alyssa,

    You don’t know it yet, but at some point all those people who are ‘afraid’ of you being different, are going to be SO very jealous of your height. It’s going to be like a switch. It’s gonna happen all of sudden, and then everyone is going to want to be like you. I know this, because it happened to me. It happened to many of my tall friends, and I hear it all the time: “I sure wish I had a couple of your inches.” I wouldn’t give up ANY of my inches. Here’s what you need to do: OWN YOUR HEIGHT! Make it yours. Wear those heels, dance with your girlfriends, laugh, be silly, and be confident. When that switch happens, you are gonna need that confidence to deal with all of these people wanting to be YOU.

    In the meantime…have fun. Don’t worry about a single person. And rock your height. Oh, and here’s tip I wish I would’ve known….invest in some great clothes that will wear for a long time. You’ll be glad you did.


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