More Tall Times as a 6’4″ Woman (Additional thoughts…)

You know, lately time seems to be flying by. Summer came and went. I’m not even sure we had a Fall and now 2014 is almost over. I’ve been busy the past couple of months shopping for the holidays and looking forward to spending time with my family next week.  We’ll play poker, Life (for the kids…right, we all love the game), drink some drinks, lounge on the couch, watch sports, and usually laugh a lot.

So recently I noticed an uptick in views of one of my past blogs (What it’s really like being 6’4″ and a woman).  I’m not sure why or how, but I’m glad people are reading and as usual, I should be writing a heck of a lot more.  Anyway, I went back and re-read my blog, I thought, “Huh, there’s a few more things I need to add.”

Yes....this is an older picture, but it simply makes sense here.

Yes….this is an older picture, but it simply makes sense here.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love being tall and there are few things that I dislike about my experiences however let’s talk about those ‘few’ experiences.  That’s really what you want to know about right?  And of course I should disclaimer this with the comment that these are my opinions but I’m going to assume that many others feel the same.

1. Going out for Happy Hour.  You’d think this would be a fun one, right?  Well, it is but there’s this place by my work which we tend to frequent (Genna’s – which BTW, it’s really great so please don’t think it’s not!!!) but the tables are SO SHORT!!  I feel like a giant when I sit down at a normal table. I look around and everyone else looks…well, normal.  In my head I’m an adult sitting at a child’s table and I’m certain that’s what I appear to everyone around me, even if I am an adult in business clothes.  Silly?  Maybe.  Real feelings?  Absolutely.  Usually I’d much prefer the bar-stools and bar-tables because they are taller, but you start to get larger groups and the taller tables don’t work.  And then when the warmer weather hits and you are outside, it’s the tiny tables outside….Sigh….then the whole world sees the big girl sitting at the small table.

2.  Being around other Tall People.  Okay, this is going to be a controversial one so buckle up and hear me out.  I almost feel like I need to bullet point, this one out because there are several points I want to make here in order to make sure I get my points across clearly and try not to piss off too many people.

  • Tall people when they get around each other, tend to want to commiserate about all the bad stuff that happens to tall people — this is gospel truth as I’ve lived it and breathed it.  I love tall people.  But we want everyone to feel our pain and when we spot another tall person we want to talk about how hard it is to (pick one): find clothes, go anywhere and not get stared at, listen to the comments about giants, date, fit into cars/chairs/elevators/whatever!
  • On the flip side, we want to be the tallest in the group.  We won’t admit it, but secretly when we see another tall person we stand taller, we size them up, and we judge them.  Oh yes we do….we want the attention because by now in our lives we’ve grown used to it.

3.  The creeper shorties….I’m not sure how much detail I need to go into here, but I’m quite certain that if you are tall and online, you know what I’m referring to.  And I’m not only talking about one gender, this goes for both men and women.  Daily I get hit up on Facebook by weirdos wanting to know my height/weight/shoe size (shoe size?).  It’s now starting to spill over onto my LinkedIn account which I really resent because this is my professional account.  Honestly people.  I DO correspond with many people when I have time however I don’t want to correspond with those interested in information I consider out of my ordinary.  Go find someone else.  If you are normal, funny, tall, and want to chat….awesome.  But the second you start that weird crap.  BYE.

4.  Talking sports…ugh.  Okay, I played sports in elementary school, junior high, high school, and college.  And I’m tall.  But that doesn’t mean that every person gets an automatic pass to discuss my athletic prowess as well as their kids.  I enjoyed playing sports for the most part but it’s not a big part of my life now.  I smile and nod but can we talk about something else for a change?  Not all tall people like sports and conversely, there are some short people who really like sports.  Go talk sports with them and we can talk about books.  Or beer.   Or BOTH!!

Have I fully offended everyone?  Height is personal and everyone has a different experience.  If you feel differently, awesome.  Read (or don’t read) my thoughts, think about them, reflect on them, and then move on. But if something resonates with you, even better.  A shared experience!

Maybe I’ll think about more of the good stuff, because that’s what I like to talk about.  That’s for next time!

Happy Hollidays!  (see what I did there?)

5 thoughts on “More Tall Times as a 6’4″ Woman (Additional thoughts…)

  1. You should embrace your tallness. It is beautiful and such a wonderful feeling putting on heels and walking the “room”. I love it!!

    P.S. I’m 6″ flat, 6.4 with heels.

    • Oh I love being tall, but I think it’s important to talk about all aspects of height. Usually I focus on the positive stuff. Can’t be sunshine and ponies all the time. I wear heels most of the time too. Rock it sister!!!

  2. I missed your original post and find myself nodding. You write well. Let me encourage you to do more!

    I’m 27 and 6’3. A few years ago I started to learn how to rock what I have. I can’t say I love shopping for clothing, but I have learned how to find my own style. Having to have everything altered and learning how to be a bit creative has many people, usually women, commenting on my outfit before my height.

    So agree on being around other tall people. For awhile I went to some tall clubs, but I would rather rock my height in the regular world and not worry about competing on something I have no control over. I also don’t really think about being tall all of the time and like to talk about other things.

    The best part is the awesome responses from little kids. I like to climb trees. I’m very thin and have long hair. A little girl tugged at her mum’s dress and say “look mum! an elf!” The nicest thing anyone said about me that year.

    Like you say – the good, the bad and the ugly. But I’m so happy I’m this different now. The Internet has made some of the logistics in finding clothing so much easier (except for finding pretty shoes, but even that is changing).

    I look at friends my age who are a foot shorter. I used to envy them, but now I see them doing crazy things to get attention. I’ll never have a problem with that. I’d rather worry about turning it down than trying to find it.

    And for sports. I only run and cycle and not competitively, but when someone asks if I have a sport I give them a straight look and say “math”. That shuts them up and it is one of my double majors.

    • Totally agree! It’s nice not having to figure out how to be different. We stand out no matter what. Thanks for reading and I’ll try to write more…must. make. more. time!!!

  3. Jheri, not all the talk at tall clubs is tall related or complaining about problems of being tall, at least not in our club. Most of us embrace it and love it. One of the things I love is not having to hunch over (not in shame) to hear people when in a group of shorter people. So the tall club has been a wonderful option among the several social options I participate in. So I applaud you for not being afraid to rock your height and “need” a tall club. Most of us in the club don’t “need” it either but sure have some great times!

    Hi, Holli! Did you make it to the Milwaukee weekend? We miss you. Hoping you’ll be able to make it to Portlandia Weekend this summer!

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