Tall Girl in a NEW CITY!

So…here I go again.  Or maybe a better way to put it would be, ‘there I went again’.  Either way, I’m in a new city.  Actually, it’s a city I’m quite familiar with as I lived here about 15 years ago.  Full circle you could say.  Here’s what I’ve been up to in my lengthy absence.

Remember I was living in Madison, WI only a few short months ago?  Times are a changin’ and I got a new job which has taken me to Des Moines, IA.  I’ve been here only about 2 months and I have to be honest, it’s pretty awesome living back to where I’m closer to family and closer to the friends I had, ‘way back when’.

I’m still settling in and haven’t had a chance to catch up with everyone, but I have found my new favorite beer:

And yes, it REALLY tastes like root beer.  Incredible.

And yes, it REALLY tastes like root beer. Incredible.

AND, I have noticed a ton of really tall people here.  YES!!  Back in the land of tallness.  I still don’t understand where all the tall people hid out in Madison (I muse silently…sorta).

It’s nice to be back, I’m excited, and I think I’m going to have lots of adventures.  Stay tuned!!  I think I’ll be writing a little more.


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