About the Authors

The Tall Blog are stories written by vertically gifted people. It’s about our lives and the things that happen to us. Here’s a short bio about the writers, in descending order of height 🙂
Darcy Villere – 6′-7″
San Francisco, CA

Darcy is a recent graduate of the University of San Francisco MBA program. He started the blog in the summer of 2009 as an experiment in social media. He started sharing his stories because he thought that if there is one thing he could write about often it was the daily occurrences that happen to him around his height. He does not play basketball.

He’s lived in San Francisco for the last 10 years, previously working in theater/teaching and most recently moving into marketing and consulting. You can check out more about him at www.darcyvillere.com

If you are interested in writing for The Tall Blog, I’m always open to the possibility of new people sharing stories. Shoot me an email at thetallblog AT gmail DOT com

Holli Jennings – 6’4”
Portland, OR

Miss Tall International 2009®

Holli currently resides in Portland, OR where she works for IBM.

Raised in small-town, IA with her three, six-footer sisters, Holli has always enjoyed being the center of attention because of her height.  Her TALL family encouraged her to embrace her height at an early age. She has dreams of someday writing a comedic novel, trying her hand at comedy, and she even once auditioned for an Improv group.

She enjoys writing about her odd happenings that her height has blessed her with experiencing.  She loves to share her stories with others and frequently amuses friends and family with her funny tales.

She did play basketball and volleyball in both high school and college and she was honored by being voted Homecoming Queen her sophomore year in college.

In her spare time Holli researches her family genealogy, she reads voraciously, she shops online for tall clothes, and she loves to travel.

She has dated shorter men. Email her at misstallgirlramblings@gmail.com


Anne SheaAnne Shea – 6’0”

Anne Shea is a 6′ tall Aussie blogger and clothing designer. She’s as tall as Holli — when she’s in heels. Luckily, she wears heels a lot. (She’s taller than Darcy when she’s wearing heels and standing on a coffee table!)  The Tall Blog is about the only place Anne feels short.

Anne doesn’t like basketball. She does like glittery tulle, Vogue, and painting her toenails fuschia.

Luckily for Anne, being tall is not about being good at sport: it’s about being remarkable. Height makes a person stand out in a world of billions. It pushes us into the spotlight and forces us to learn confidence and leadership much earlier than we might do if we were “normal”. Who wants to be normal, anyway? How much better to be extraordinary!

Anne believes that tall women get short changed by the fashion world and is allergic to black and white basics. She has started a new company called Sarah Vain and Tall so that she can make and sell colorful, fun clothes that just happen to fit tall women. (It’s launching in the next few weeks). She is going to wrap every purchase beautifully in pink tissue paper, because she wishes she could be treated like that herself.  Anne believes that tall girls deserve to enjoy shopping.  Don’t get her started on shoe companies that won’t ship internationally, unless you have an hour to spare.  You can find her blogging here on a Tuesday, and read more of her writing over at www.sarahvainandtall.com. Got a question or an idea for a post? Write to anne@sarahvainandtall.com or help debate the relative merits of tulle and leopard print on Facebook or Twitter.

12 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Great Blog. I used to run an independent clothing label called Kazoo on the net. Back then there was literally nowhere to buy decent clothing. It seems as though things are looking much better nowadays )

  2. This is my first thim seeing this site. My name is Guinelle and I live in Virginia. I am a black female and I’m 6’2″. I just knew I wasn’t the only tall female but didn’t know where ya’ll were. I remember growing up as the ONLY tall person (male and female) in my small town.I am surprised that I’m as sane as I am (my friends would be to differ) because my younger years were tormented. When they talk these days about bullying, and what they call bullying, I laugh. I’ve got some stories t tell. I agree with the previous poster asking if ya’ll need writers. I would love to write. Always thought this was my gift and I have some things to say.

  3. You are a sweetheart, and, at 63 (and 6′), I can tell you that you WILL get everything you want from life! I grew up in Japan(!) and shot to 6 feet @ 12 — I had no way to understand or process it. Now, like you, I understand my height as a gift that is an automatic — and fabulous — self-editor of life choices. And if you are not meeting enough suitable men, take a trip — or 2 or 3 — to Northern Europe, esp. Germany, Norway, Sweden , Denmark and the Netherlands. They all speak English and the cultures are so inviting. Keep having fun! Keep blogging — I enjoyed reading your musings and experiences! Life is good for us tall women!

  4. Hi everyone. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see that there are more of us wonderfully height-gifted people! I am 6’1, and my husband is 6’8″ (I can wear heels and be shorter than him!!!!!!!!!!) so we live in a constant world of people asking us if we play basketball and/or volleyball. He played basketball…I did gymnastics until they kicked me off the team because I got too tall, and then I did Tae-Kwon-Do because I was mad! 🙂 So….really, just wanted to sayhi to all the lovely people out there!

  5. Hi Holli, just stumbled across this blog, I’ve only just started reading a few posts and I can already start relating to a lot of your thoughts.

    I’m 29, 6ft6 and never meet tall attractive women. Fortunately/unfortunately for you (delete as appropriate) I don’t live close otherwise I’d be chasing you for a date!

  6. It’s so refreshing to see that there are so many other wonderful tall people out there. I’m 6’5”, the youngest of three, but the tallest of my siblings. I always have to explain to people that my dad’s 6’8” so my height was a given. Then there’s having to ignore the stupid/hateful comments I get on the regular and say for the millionth time that no, I don’t play basketball! It took me a while to be comfortable with being tall, especially with growing up and being taller than most of my classmates (and in some cases the teacher.) Now, I am happy to say that I love my tallness and I am thankfulness for blogs like this that show the world how amazing being tall can be. Thank you all so much!!!

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