Tall Girls-A Story of Giants (New Movie coming out)

I’m not happy. Let’s start there.

Is this really what it has come to?

I stumbled across a new TALL documentary about tall women and my thoughts are…things really need to change.  In the first 2 minutes  of the trailer I was pissed off.  From what I saw this is yet another film that makes tall women look like circus freaks.  The film shows younger girls getting medical treatments to prevent  them from growing and older women discussing how difficult it is to be tall.  Say what?!?

Arianne Cohen is in the film and although I greatly respect her for her Tall Book, I was disappointed in the comments shown of her speaking.  Where are all of the positive role models?  Can’t we be tall, happy, confident women?  Why do we have to be shown in this horrible light?

Or…did I take this wrong?  That is entirely possible because I’m overly protective of my fellow tall women and anything that could potentially throw a negative light on my height-blessed peers also throws me into a tizzy!

Comments are welcome!  I have contacted the company and have asked for some more information.  Here is the website: http://tallgirls-thefilm.com/page/

Please view the trailer and let me know your thoughts.


Welcome back, tallness readers! We’ve hit week 4 in the countdown of the Top 5 Coolest Things I Learned from Reading The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen. For the few here who might not have read my blog before, I’ve been doing this count down as opposed a formal review because I figure enough people out there will be doing reviews. And as opposed to just one post and we’re done, I decided to stretch it out to keep everyone interested in checking the book out because I love it and it makes me happy. Ok, well, let’s get on with it, shall we?

#2: Being tall has less to do with genetics than you think

My whole life I was told about “The Tall Gene” as if there was one magic gene in the many ga-jillions in my body (ga-jillions is a number right? shut up, I’m not great with math) that magically made me tall. And that was due in part to both of my parents being tall, my Dad being 6’3″ and my Mom 6’0″.

The problem is that it takes a whole bunch of gene’s, not just one to make up your height. Just having one tall parent and one short parents does not mean that somehow their kids will all be average height. My family is a great example, as my Dad’s brother is also tall, while their sisters being pretty short with one of them being 5’2″, my grandmother’s height. That means that it’s really just a crap shoot as to what height you’ll end up with, atleast with your genetic background. There may be more tall genes in your family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be tall.

And height just cause your short doesn’t mean you’re kids will be short. Apparently, environment has more to do with height than anything else. The reason a lot of people in certain countries are short is purely because of their diet. Asians aren’t short because of genetics, it’s because of their diet. It’s kind of a brain training for your pituitary, needs to say Arianne goes into more detail in her book. Let’s just say that I’m in the market for a 3 or 4th generation Asian-American woman. 🙂

PS: As we track our tall Asian hotties, I hope people didn’t miss Moon Bloodgood. She’s 5’10” tall of Korean, Irish and Dutch decent. She was recently in Terminator: Salvation and a 3 episode stint on Burn Notice. I’m gonna have to start a gallery of these ladies at some point…