Tall Attitude

I have an attitude every day of my life (my mother will vouch for this) and this morning was no exception. It started out like any other day…

I walk to work anywhere from 6:30-8:00 am depending on when I get up, what my schedule looks like for the day, and to be entirely truthful, my level of motivation. Lately, I’m all about work. So this morning it was about 6:45 and I was walking near the capital.  I decided that I wanted to stop at Walgreens to pick up some eyeliner.  I’m leaving for Mexico in about a week and it wouldn’t behoove me to run dry on eyeliner on my trip. Now Walgreens doesn’t open until 7:00 so I loiter out front for a few minutes.

I was minding my own business, playing ‘Tiny Tower’ on my iPhone and I hear this voice very clearly say to me, ‘Why you gotta be so Tall?’

In all honestly, I wasn’t in the mood.  It was early and I didn’t want to think about what clever comeback I could come up with.  So I chose to ignore it.

Again that voice, ‘Hey you!  Why you gotta be so Tall?’

I could feel someone crowding my space so I made eye contact with a very, very short woman who was glaring at me as if she had a personal problem with my height.  Immediately, I took offense.  I probably didn’t help the situation when I sniffed (probably arrogantly), looked her up and down, and turned away.

She got angrier, ‘I’m talking to you and I asked you a question?’

Softly I responded, “I heard you.  I figured that you couldn’t be that stupid to ask someone twice your size, a dumb question like that.’  I sweetly smiled and went back to playing on my phone.

She started to say more so I looked up and made eye contact again.  This time I wasn’t smiling.  Oddly enough, she moved on.

I am a nice person.  Way too nice, in fact because I tend to give people far more credit than they deserve but this woman got under my skin.  I ended up not getting my eye-liner.  I guess this means I’ll have to go back.  I should also mention, this did not ruin my day.  I actually told this story in a couple of my meetings and it got people to laugh, so all in all, I chalk it up to yet another Holli-experience.

Big hat, polka dots, water, and a smile.  Now that's a happy face!

Big hat, polka dots, water, and a smile. Now that’s a happy face!

What’s up Tall Girl?

‘What’s up Tall Girl?’

I hear this phrase about twice a week on my walk to work.  It’s always from the same man and it’s usually right around the capital as I make my way around it.  It doesn’t bother me, in fact I usually look up, grin, maybe wave, and keep on walking.

The first few times he said it, he would then say, ‘Did you play ball?’  I’d answer it the exact same way until he finally said, ‘Didn’t I talk to you yesterday?’   It’s almost like he didn’t recognize me at first but now we have a mutual ‘morning thing’….and I like it.  It’s like being Norm from Cheers.

So, let’s see….what IS up?

I met another tall girl here in Madison.  My sister (6’1″) came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we hopped around all day, having a drink and sometimes an appetizer, in as many places as possible.  We bellied up to a bar right in the downtown square and this is where we met our tall bartender.  She was 6’1″.  My sister and I started chatting with her about our different height experiences and this girl was so cool!  I love it when you meet tall, cool, chicks.  I think I made a friend and even better, we exchanged digits.

I got my heart busted up…again.  I let someone back into my life and probably should’ve waited til things were a little clearer before trying to jump back in.  It’s not like you can simply stop loving someone at the drop of a hat and I thought that he was ready to compromise and work towards the same goals.  At least that was the message I was getting…I guess just because it’s love doesn’t mean it will work.  Love does not conquer all, people!  Remember that…  Smile through the hurt (and eat).  Okay, don’t really eat but you know the drill.


Yum, yum gimme some!

I am going to Mexico in about a month!!!  I will probably be the tallest girl there,but I’m ready to have a good time.  I’m going with 3 of my closest girlfriends and I have a feeling we are going to make some great memories.  I’ve known these girls since college and I simply can’t wait to see them and share a lot of laughs.  I’ve never been to Mexico so I’m picturing tequila, beaches, tans, and some debauchery that I probably won’t be able to share.  Ha!

So while my 2013 so far has had multiple stops and starts and right at the moment I’m not ‘feeling it’, things can only get better.  This Tall Girl has low expectations and high hopes.  What more can you ask for?  Cheers to that!


I found this beer in Bruges and I think it’s the most wonderful, spicy beer ever! Cheers!

Where my Tall Girls at?

Today’s answers to a small portion of the questions:  I’m 6’4″.  I played basketball.  I played volleyball.  My parents were tall.  My sisters are tall.  My whole family is tall.  I buy most of my clothes online.  I DO date shorter men.  I DO date taller men.  I date men, period…..

The questions got to me today in case you didn’t notice.  Usually I can shrug them off with an answer and a smile.  Most of the time I’ll flirt or crack a joke but not today.  Today I was ‘off’.  I wanted to yell for back up!  Where were my tall ladies when I needed them?!?!  I need a horn to summon women over 6’2″ or maybe I’ll just start traveling in my own tall gang.  That’s right, tall women traveling in packs!  Perhaps that will make me look (and feel) normal on the days I don’t want to deal with it and keep the questions at bay.

Crossing the street and a smile for those people that yell naughty things at me!

What I find even more interesting is the car full of young’uns that yelled some really choice (umm…flattering in a construction worker-type way) words at me when I crossed the street, something about me being a ‘something tall, something-something’ and I could ‘do something’ to one of them that probably would make my mom blush….it didn’t make my night like it usually does.  Typically I love that sort of Portland weirdness and I walk away feeling like a million bucks.  But not tonight.

Now granted, I’ve got a lot on my mind as of late but for me not to like shouting boys…weird.  And even weirder, for me to not like random weird acts of Portlandess that involve ‘boys.  Now THAT’s weird.

General Asshole

Yesterday, I was working a gig for a little extra cash to go along with my unpaid internship status. I go with a teen tour as a supervisor out to Alcatraz to meet the minimum number of adult leaders the groups need to visit. It’s not a lot, $100 for a few hours work and it was my 4th time on the trip so I’m pretty use to the routine. This time though, I ran across someone that reminded me of the blog and tall people in general.

It was this tall kid who was being a huge douche to everyone. I was told that on the trip he was the most troublesome as he was saying all sort of negative things to the girls, making general mischief and at one point I had to reprimand him on the island (the first time I’ve done that on a trip) for doing pull ups on the 2nd tier on D block. (I know, not a huge deal, but the park rangers don’t dick around out there as the island is deteriorating all the time and they don’t want anyone to get hurt.

This kid, 6’1″ at 15 an the tallest on the trip, reminded me of what I like to call “General Asshole”. These are guys who use their hugeness to basically be giant d-bags and try to get away with whatever they want. I’ve run into them before and they make me sad for tall people the world over. They man handle women, are rude to people and are an asshole in general.

I know that sounds like a every other douche bag you’ve met, the difference here is that because of the height fewer people are willing to even say a word to get them to stop. Even me.

I was at a party a while back where I ran into another guy, this one 6’8″ tall. Not a huge difference between us, but we were the tallest guys in the room by about 6″ or more so we did the whole ‘tall nod’ and talked for a few minutes. (“The Tall Book” is right. It’s impossible to go to a party, see another 99%-tile guy and not end up atleast chatting for a few minutes.) I could tell he was kind of a dick, using his height to push people around more than is acceptable. Later on that night, he ended up getting trashed and attempting to dance with other people in the kitchen. He knocked someone down, didn’t really care and was a General Asshole. Did I say or do anything? No. I prefer to avoid fights whenever possible as they seem to solve nothing. Plus, the hostess didn’t seem to care (who wasn’t even a friend of mine) and I wasn’t about to start something at a strangers party with a friend of theirs.

Here is the point I’d like to make: Just cause we can push people around, doesn’t mean we should. As I said to one of the counselors on the trip, “People like that make us all look bad.”

Please, only use your height for good. An example from my life: Yesterday, after the trip, I was taking the escalator up and some punk kid was blocking the left side where people walk up as opposed to just standing there. A lady asked him to move so she could pass, to which he said something snide and didn’t really move only letting her barely squeeze past as he said something about how she was a bitch. So when I went to walk past, I put finger to my mouth and “shhhh”-ed, said shut up, and knocked him out of the way.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a dick to a giant, but also, don’t be a giant dick.

PS: Why “General Asshole” as opposed to “Major Asshole”. We’re talking giants here people. We’re the Generals of society. 😉

*POSTING NEWS*: Because I love it and it deserves it, beginning next week I’m going to do a count down of my 5 coolest things I learned from reading “The Tall Book”. See you all next week.