Tall girl in a new city

I’ve lived in Portland for almost 5 1/2 years.  I moved here in April of 2007 from Denver, CO where I had lived since July of 2003.  I moved for my dream job and my dream city both of which were happening at the same time.  I was excited, happy, bursting with energy and ready to embrace both city living and my wonderful new job.

One of the pictures from my going away party from Denver, CO back in 2007. That’s almost 6 years ago!

But now, my rose-colored glasses have fogged a bit and I think it’s time for a change.  I lived in Des Moines, IA for about 5 years before Denver and I’m thinking it’s time to get back to the Mid-West.  I miss my family and I miss seeing my nieces and nephew growing up.  And I really miss my sisters and my parents (and Grandma!)  So what’s a tall-girl to do?  I think it’s time to get closer to home.

Once I had made the decision I had to figure out where in the mid-west I should end up.  I picked 4 cities: Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI; and Chicago, IL.  I figured any job within this 4-point radius would be feasible provided it fit within my salary range.  AND, more importantly, it had to fit within my ‘happiness’ range.  This means that my next job must make me happy.  I want to lead a team and help people.  I used to do this and it made me extremely happy.   It’s SO important to me that I be happy doing what I love.

SO….what does this all mean….

I recently found the job that looks like it could be that perfect fit.  And it happened to be in Madison, WI.  Everything happened so quickly it was a blur.  And now, as of yesterday, I’m in Madison, WI.  I’m beyond thrilled.  I have that feeling again…the one that makes me want to embrace the city and the job.  I’m ecstatic and in my gut (which is the most important tell-tale sign), my gut says this is the right move.

There’s a tall club here and one in Milwaukee that I’m planning on joining.  I’m living downtown next to the capital so I’ll be within walking distance to all of the ‘weirdness’ that everyone here has assured me I will see.  There’s a University here where I can see college football and tailgate (although I will never leave my IA Hawks).  And best of all, I’m within 5 hours of my family.  I can actually come home for Christmas this year and maybe Thanksgiving too!  Bring on the homemade egg-nog!

So, with a fresh new city and a fresh new outlook I’m ready to get out and make some memories to share with you.  Now, if only my furniture would arrive….

More to come….in Madison, WI!

If I could change 1 thing because I’m tall it would be…

Why not bigger tree houses?  We need bigger tree houses to better suit our taller bodies!

I’ve actually thought a long time about this…a long, long time and I’ve wanted to write about it but it’s a difficult and personal thing for each individual.  Someone that is 5’10” is going to want something much different than someone who is 7’8″. And the difference between males and females is also going to vary greatly as well.  I think what I personally would like to change is going to be very, very different than say, a guy that’s 6’10”.  But I guess we’ll see.

The more I thought about this the more I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing.  I can think of one thing that I want more than others, but there are multiple things that I want.  Typical female…I moved my list around so many times although my #1 stayed the same.  Here goes!

If I could change 1 (okay, more than 1) thing because I’m tall it would be:

1.  Airline Seats–now I know this one is obvious but I wouldn’t actually change the width because I fit fine in the actual seat.  It’s the distance between the seats needs to be longer!  My knees are right up against the back of the seat in front of me.  And if the jack-hole in front of me chooses to recline in their seat…I’m going to be a very unhappy passenger.  Or, the airlines could save the bulk-head and exit row seats (provided we can assist in the event of an emergency) for passengers over 6’2″ AND NOT CHARGE US EXTRA!!!!

I chose this for my number one because I travel a lot.  I spend so much money on extra leg-room and checking my luggage that my trips become much more expensive than I’d really like them to be.  An extra $25-$45 for the leg room both ways and then another $20-$25 for my bags, we’ve now added another $100-$150 to my already expensive trip!  Yikes.

Who has extra cash?  Apparently me…

2.  Tall Clubs InternationalTCI (Tall Clubs International) is such an important part of height awareness and they have so much to give as a social club and as a charity, but unfortunately the group is dwindling.  The club began in 1939 and there are still approximately 50 clubs throughout the Unites States with nearly 2,000 members however there was a time when the active membership was nearly 5,000.  I’d like to help get TCI back on the map with some beefed up membership and more active members but I’ll be honest, even I haven’t been very active myself lately.  Life tends to get in the way.  More membership, more advertisement, more sponsors…we need to get more activity!

My 6’4″ friend Megan who is a former President of Tall Clubs International and of course, Moi on the left.

3.  Clothes–okay, let me be a little more specific because personally I don’t have a terrible time finding clothes however there are 2 categories of tall people who need help with clothing:

  • Tall, plus sized-this combination is nearly impossible for women to find good, quality, and reasonably priced clothing.  Most women can’t spend $100 per shirt or $150 per pair of pants.  That’s simply too much for the average woman so there needs to be better availability of tall, plus-sized clothing as well as better pricing.
  • Clothes for the super tall-allow me to explain further.  I have a friend, Chris, who is 6’9″.  He shops at 1 store for almost all of his clothes.  1 store!  I don’t know how he does it.  For those men and women over 6’6″ with inseams over 38′, they need specialty stores that also aren’t horribly expensive and they also need greater access to these stores.

This is Chris and these are actually his hats. Wait, that’s not true. He really wears hats like this to distract people from his 6’9″ height. Okay…that’s not true either.

4.  Height Awareness-I’d like to change some perceptions that people seem to have about tall people.  We all play basketball, we are all freaks, tall women only want to date taller men (okay, for those of you that read my last blog yes, I am searching for a tall guy but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dated shorter guys in the past.  Don’t judge) and all the tall men only date women under 5 feet.  We all get labeled somehow.  We’ll I’ve come up with a few examples of things I’d like for people to know that it’s NOT okay to do or say.

  • It’s not okay to come up behind me when I’m not looking and stand back-to-back with me while your friends take your picture.  You might get punched, seriously.
  • I may or may not have played basketball and unless you know me, you probably should be careful what you ask.  Is it okay to touch a pregnant women’s belly?  Consider my feelings like that pregnant women’s belly…tread lightly.
  • To point and stare at me as I walk by is downright rude.  Learn some manners (unless you are under the age of 8, then it’s acceptable)
  • Thinking you are funny by saying something clever like ‘How’s the weather up there’ or ‘What’s up shorty?’ is really your way of indicating your very low IQ
  • Please don’t ask me to compare hands with you.  Yes, my hands are probably bigger.  I’d also wager that so is my brain.
  • No, my parents aren’t tall.  They are very short, I’m a mutant.  Who can explain science?

My family! All right…my dad is really tall, so is everyone else in my family.

So there you have it.  4 things that I would change and I KNOW I didn’t touch on some topics that others would want to change.  I wonder how much would actually change if I could at least get my wish with the first 4…..hmmmmm, I think I’ll go ponder that for awhile.

Movie Review: Away We Go

After my Pride expedition to take photos of myself with tall gays, my friend Harry and I decided to escape the heat and go see a movie. There was nothing out that we particularly wanted to see and after going through multiple movie listings on my iPhone (I’m in love with it) I came across the listing for “Away We Go”. I had heard little about this film, mostly those quick ad placements that they have on NPR, but seeing as how it was already a tall focused weekend after the photo excursion I thought “What better way to finish off the weekend than a movie with a tall actor in it? Shia LeBouf’s tiny ass (5′-9″) can wait. I want me some John Krasinski (6′-3″).” So yeah, FYI, this blog will have the occasional movie review of movies with tall actors as leads. If for no other reason than to give these guys some support out there as they face off with tiny actors.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, as I find that so many reviews of movies do, practically telling you the entire plot. Instead, I’m going to do my best to focus on how I felt about the movie and the general themes. If this works, it’ll be how I review movies with tall actors in the future:

The movie was a bit of surprise to me. What I thought might be kind of a lackluster film, as it was getting a major release in big theaters despite what seemed like an attempt to sort of slide it through theaters without anyone noticing, turned out to be a very sweet comedy about two people just trying to find a place to raise their future child. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that rather touching. When I was a kid, my family moved from New Orleans where I had a lot of family to Sacramento, CA where the only family was 3 hours away. I always wished I knew my family better or at least had them closer so we could try to get to know each other better…. oh well…

Anyway, back to the movie. I had worried that all I would get from Krasinski was his “The Office” character Jim. But I have to say, he showed more subtle depth in this movie than I thought he could pull off. His character Burt is a sweet guy, much like Jim, but is a lot quirkier and prone to random acts of open silliness. Rudolph is also wonderful, as I am used to seeing her do wildly exaggerated characters (like on SNL) that she never seems to full believe. But this time, I bought into her character Verona as a woman who deeply loves her boyfriend (she refuses to marry him, for reasons I believe are intentionally left up to the viewer to decide) and really just wants her child to grow up happy.

I spoke to my friend Mike about it, recommending that he see it after he asked me if I had seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (or as he calls it: TROTF). His first question was, “How hipster is it? Is it, like, ‘Garden State’ or what?”. I can see why he would think that, but I don’t think that’s a 100% fair comparison. While it might seem hipster-ish, it’s not really about a particular lifestyle, it’s really just about trying to find a place where you can live happily. Is it with family, friends, or simply making your way on your own?

The film also has some fantastic cameos that I wasn’t expecting, especially Allison Janey (6′-0″) as a woman just short of being the worst mother you’ve ever seen.

I highly recommend this film. I don’t want to give too much away, as I find that so many reviews of movies do but I will say it almost has a Juno quality to it, but with a sincerity that the extremely sarcastic Juno would laugh off as sappy. But “Away We Go” manages to pull off enough of an edge through out that the sappy moments don’t seem strained or cheesy. They’re just sincere. And isn’t that how we all kinda want to live life?

Here’s a link to trailer, but honestly, don’t watch it. There’s a few moments in there that are better left to seeing in the movie. I’m really just posting it for those of you that refuse to see any movie without first viewing the trailer:

Away We Go Trailer