My Zappos order came!

If you are an avid reader of my blog (and I know you are) then you’ll remember just a week or so ago when I was in a hotly contested debate with myself what shoe I should buy from Chuck Taylor or Sno-Tire? And if you are a follower of my Facebook Fan Page (and I know my Mom…. isn’t. It’s not her fault, she still uses AOL as her email account) then you already know that I went with the Chuck Taylors.

As I patiently waited for their arrival, my good friend, Ficken Esquire, asked me what they might ship these colossal shoes in?

Ficken: It’s coming the box they ship piano’s in. You better get a crow bar.

Me: Fick, that’s absurd. The biggest box they will come in is the kind they ship coffin’s in.

The box it came in was actually pretty big, but not too terribly so.

Wait a second. I just realized that there should be something else in the photo to give you perspective. How about this?

Now that’s just ridiculous. How is my talking Jesus doll supposed to give you perspective?

Theeeeeere we go. Thank you Ganesh. It is all clear now.

Anyway, I proceeded to open the box, with lead me to a slightly smaller box which lead me to my long awaited Chuck Taylors.

The only way it could have been better would is if a bright, shimmering light had come out of the box with the sound of Kareem Abdul Jabar’s voice whispering in my ear, “That’s right my child. Shoes to fit our gloriously large feet.”

I immediately put them on.

Pretty, aren’t they? It’s as if I traveled back to when I was 10, reliving my youth through my canvas covered feet. Ah, the joyous memories……

Only problem is they’re actually TOO BIG!!! Can you believe it? I ordered huge shoes and they are too huge. Go figure. That’s the last time I ignore the advice of relitavley anonymous advice in my comment section. (Sorry JLD)

Tomorrow they go back into the box and back to Zappos where I’ll grab a smaller size and see how they work out. And how do I do that? I just print a label, slap it on, and drop it off. I know… awesome right?

Anyway, Friday I am off to Vegas. God willing, I will have some interesting tall tales to tell when I return. Enjoy the weekend everybody!