Tiny Colombians got me drunk

What a wonderful weekend this was! Friday night I went to the opera, which was my first time in the city and a very enjoyable experience. Saturday night, I saw a different Opera simimulcast at AT&T Park (very cool). But sandwiched in between both of these opera filled evenings was the wedding my friends Juan Pablo and Natasha.

Juanatasha (as they shall henceforth be named) were married out in Newt Hollow at Briones Regional Park (Pleasant Hill/Martinez). It was a beautiful ceremony on a sunny day with just the right amount of ocean breeze making its way over the hills. Ceremony’s like this help to remind me of just how important love is in this rough world and how two people can actually find each other and fall in love.

Then the tiny Columbians got me drunk.

I honestly don’t remember who’s mother/aunt/grandmother this woman was but she kept pouring me a Columbian booze, Auguadiente out of a carton. (Auguadiente is a 29% liqour.) I attempted to tell her, “No, I’m good. I’m already drunk.” Either she didn’t understand or didn’t care because when I asked, “Why?” she gestured with her hands how big I am and said, “Grande! Grande!” I kid you not. This was so entertaining, all of the international students from my program gathered around to watch as she got me and a tiny fellow student drunk.

If you are interested in seeing more photos, check out the Facebook Page for the blog. You can join in the upper right hand corner. I have to search out the photos other people took, but I’ll filter them out and just show you the ones that display me standing next to the tiny people.

Congratulations Juanatasha! May you marriage be blissful, your bank accounts be joint and your prenuptial agreements in order!

*UPDATE* Average height in Colombia is 5’2″. Check it here.