Things I’m working on…

This is a pretty busy week for me. I’ve got one internship, one part time job and a MBA class I’m taking that are occupying my time so I’m a little slow on these blog posts. But I wanted to let you know about a couple things I’m working on:

1) Book Review: I recently bought “The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life on High” by Arianne Cohen, whos is 6’3″. I heard about it on NPR and I’m expecting it to expand greatly off of Malcolm Gladwell’s section of “Blink” in regards to height as well as hit other areas. I’ll let you know how good it really is…

2) Photo Project: I found an old Kodak EKTRALITE 10 camera on top of my parents 6′ tall living room hutch. I swear it’s been sitting there for the last 20 years with 4 used photos on it. It’s definitely something a smaller person wouldn’t have even seen. I’m running around using up the shots so when I’m done I’ll post what I find was at the beginning and the fun I’ve had with this classic camera circa 1978.

3) Movie Review: I’m going to finally watch “The Tall Guy”, starring Jeff Goldblum circa 1989. There are few movies about just being tall as opposed to a comedy like “My Giant”…. hmmm… I might rewatch and review that too.

Off to a meeting.