Interview a tall celebrity

Ok, I’ve been sifting through the incredible amount of names I got from everyone and it’s been a hard decision. I want to interview a tall celebrity that’s famous enough that most of us will recognize them but is also B list enough that they will speak to someone that writes a blog about being tall. And from the list of name that you guys contributed, that’s harder than you think.

There was a surprising amount of names on the list that I flat out did not recognize. I had never heard of Yao Defen but apparently she is the tallest living lady in the world right now. And while that would make for an interesting interview I’m sure I’d like to focus on someone a little more main stream and who’s job would be impacted by their height not solely make up all they do.

Then I considered the first recommendation I got, which was Stephen King. As many know, Stephen King is a world renown writer. Now THERE’S someone who is definitely not known for his height. I had no idea that he is 6′-4″ tall. But can I get Stephen King? I’m thinking he’s too big a deal to try and get this time around. He’s definitely on my list though.

So what I’ve decided is to just go with 5 names and try a “spray and pray technique“. Shoot it out to every avenue that they have where I could hopefully get in front of them where they might be down to be interviewed. And here is the list you’ve been waiting for:

#1: Ru Paul
Height: 6′- 4″
Reason: I feel like she would be into it. (Bonus: My gay friends would be incredibly jealous if I pulled it off. I’m talking to you Papa)

#2: Isis the amazon
Height: 6′- 9″
Reason: At first I thought someone was joking with a name like that, but then I clicked on her website and was sold.

#3: Paul Gasol
Height: 7′ – 0″
Reason: My little brother would be shocked if I got to talk to this guy. It would also give me another thing to lord over him, like any good older brother looks to do.

#4: James Cromwell
Height: 6′ – 7″
Reason: I stopped acting partly because I thought I was too tall, so I’m curious to see how he feels about it.

#5: Michelle Wie
Height: 6′ – 0″
Reason: How could I not take the opportunity under the guise of writing a blog post as a way to…. interview her. Just…. just… just interview her…. errrrr…. heart emoticon

Here is where you come in for a little bit of help: I’m putting together a list of questions to ask each person and I’d like your help. I need suggestions for interview questions, so please take a minute and fill one in. I don’t care what it is, just give me something to riff off of.

They don’t had to be tall related, but does increase the chances of me asking it. But then again, if your question just sounds awesome, I’ll ask it. What can I say? I’m a whimsical as BOO YAH!!!.

Click here to suggest a question!

And don’t get discourage if you don’t see the name that you submitted. All it means is that I’m not going after them yet. I’m sure I’ll get around to them at some point.

That much closer to Michelle Wie….

I discovered the other day one of the most wonderful things on the planet. It’s like finding a unicorn in your backyard or pot of gold leaf leaves in your closet!

I was talking to my friend Tristan after class and we ended up talking about my blog, which I know he reads (Hi Tristan!), eventually talking about my “affection” for tall Asian women. This of course led to one of my first posts this summer about the lovely Michelle Wei. To which Tristan replied, “You know, I know her dad.”

WHAT?!?!? Holy crap! I suddenly just got that much closer to actually meeting Michelle Wei! Apparently, Tristan took a class taught my Michelle’s dad, Byungwook Wei, when he attended the University of Hawaii. And apparently he even spoke to the guy, because average class size is about 25, which mean if Tristans is anything like I’ve known him to be in our classes Prof. Wei knew him well.

And you know what this means right? Based on the “Bacon Law” I am now just 3 steps removed from Michelle Wei! For our visual edification:

That’s right dear readers, I’ve gotten that much closer. My hopes have been raised and now it’s quite possible that I am at least a good 15% closer to meeting Michelle Wie and in doing so telling her how how she is, ney, how hot as hell she is.

Thank you Tristan. Thank you for giving me this hope.

And now, in closing, here is Michelle in a hot dress.

Michelle Wie is 19 now?!?!?!?

Yesterday, as I was shooting video for the authors of “I Hate People” down in Venice Beach (which is why I didn’t post yesterday) I happened to see Michelle Wie on the TV in the sports bar we were having lunch in. I turned to Marc, one said author as he was taking a sip of his beer and asked “Is Michelle Wie old enough for me to lust after a little bit now?” To which he replied, “I believe so. I think she’s 19.”


Oh Michelle Wie…. you’re 6′-1″, successful, intelligent AND Korean? She’s a tall white guys dream girl! Yeah, it’s a stereotype for white guys to like Asian girls, and I gotta tell ya I’m the reason it exists. At least I like them tall, right? I would have felt (slightly) bad about lusting after her a little bit when she was still a minor if, you know, i did…. but now I have no qualms in writing:

Michelle Wie is my new future ex-wife. Sorry Grace Park. You’re just too…. already married…. 😦

Tall Book Update:
Loving, loving, loving this book. I’m almost half way done. I will, God willing, have the review up by middle of next week.