tiny women use me like a jungle gym

I know the topic of why tall me like tiny women I’ve discussed before, but I’ve discovered a fun insight I feel like I had lost for a while.

One of the reasons that tall guys like to date tiny women (and why they love us) is the obvious thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned before: the fact that we can toss them around like rag dolls.

And I mean that in the best way possible. I was at a bar last week, out with my best friends rec sports team. The usual people were there, but someone I hadn’t seen in a while showed up. I was a little drunk, she’s tiny (5’1″ and maybe 100lbs) and I picked her up. Then someone yelled out that I should put her legs around my head, which I took to mean to hang her upside down off my shoulders. This was not what they meant and yelled “No! Put her on your shoulders!” So I flip her back over, seat her on my left should then flip her leg over my head. I’m told she really enjoyed it and wanted to enjoy it more later….

And why not? I think women kind of want that. To know that the guy they are with is so strong her can do that. Honestly, I was thrilled I was able to because I think grad school has been sapping my muscle definition this year. Thankfully, my return to climbing has helped it to return enough where I can impress a pretty young lady by flipping her around a little.

I’m sorry tall ladies, but I don’t think I can do that with a chick that is 6’0″. Love you though I might, this is something the tiny girls have in their favor. It’s one of the many reasons I say that while I may have a predilection toward tall (preferably Asian) women, I just love women in general. They’ve all got their own special thing that I love about them. Even tiny ones…. 🙂

And for fun here are a few photos of me and my Nemesis. She’s not the girl from last week, just an old friend. We are locked in an epic battle that I will get into more in another post. AND I WILL DESTROY HER!!!!