What was I thinking?

Who wears stuff like this? Apparently I think that I do.

You see this jump-suit.  I ordered it.  Yes, I did.  I know, what was I thinking?  Well, let me tell you….

It’s a Tuesday.  I worked a long day at work and I came home where I proceeded to clean, do laundry, go grocery shopping and complete a bunch of mind-numbing chores that allowed me to justify having a glass of wine.  (I did keep it to one glass)

After I completed my chores and I sat down on the couch to drink my glass o’ wine I obviously needed to do something…and shopping online seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to this activity.  I found this jump-suit at a Tall Clothing website called Tall and All.  I’ve never ordered from there and I’m hoping that this suit fits although where I’m going to wear this…I’ve no clue.

I can’t promise that I’ll post pictures because I’ve no idea what this is going to look like but in the event that anyone out there has never heard of the website Tall and All, check it out. they even have latex pants.  And no, I didn’t order those.






Weekends with friends

I went to Seattle recently to visit a friend of mine that I’ve known for 33 years. We started school together back in 1978 so I’ve known her a long time. As I was driving I heard my absolute favorite song in the whole world, ‘Jane Says’ by Jane’s Addiction.

For whatever reason that song is like a good punch in the stomach.  It’s as if you hear something that tastes like candy for your ears.  I love this song.  It got me to thinking what other songs are my ‘punchy’ songs.  I’ve got only a few

  • “Jane Says”, Jane’s Addiction
  • “Sistor”, The Nixons
  • “Close my eyes Forever”, Lita Ford with Ozzy Osbourne
  • “The Air That I Breathe”, The Hollies
  • “Escape (The Pena Colada Song)”, Rupert Holmes

There are some really great songs out there that will stop my in my tracks, but not like “Jane Says”.  But as usual, I’m digressing from my topic.

When I got to Jaren’s we did our usual ‘catch up’ thing.  Good friends can do that.  We haven’t seen each other in months and we simply picked up where we left off.  It’s awesome.

So Jaren and I went to Carnation, WA and to the local bazaar where I proceeded to drop some cash on locally made products.  I found some amazing shawls that were too short.  And then I found the longer ones!  They were perfect for a tall girl such as myself.  What was funny, was that the second Jaren and I started looking at the shawls within 5 minutes there was a run on this lady’s merchandise!  I got my 2 and got outta there.  Beautiful hand-crafted items make me think of home.

Then we found the jewelry.  You simply cannot go wrong with jewelry.  Boy, listen to me…again, I’m digressing.  The whole reason I was writing this was to talk about how I was the tallest person (male or female) at the bazaar.

People were staring, kids were pointing, and I can’t tell you how many weird looks I got…it was awesome.  What was even better is Jaren’s reaction.  She didn’t do anything, it didn’t phase her.  She’s so used to it that I’m not sure she even noticed.  That’s what good friends do; they don’t notice how tall you are even when the rest of the world does their best to point it out.  Isn’t that great?

Jaren and me from our 'girls weekend' last January.

A new tall clothing store?

I was ‘researching’ tall shopping online as I usually do, strictly for the blog of course, and I have come across a new website for tall shopping.  Perhaps it’s always been there and I never noticed it, perhaps I didn’t look hard enough (yeah right), or perhaps the fact that they sell normal-people clothes as well caused me not to look at their clothing line closely.  Huh…  Any of these things could’ve happened but I’ve now found them and I could be in trouble.

This is my sleuthing hat I wear when I do my research!

They are a UK based company.  It seems like many of the really good tall stores are Canadian or UK based.  Yes, I know of a few stores in the US but the foreign companies have some really cool clothes!

The company’s name is “New Look“.  The one thing I noticed is that the pants and jeans are only 35 inches long.  I wear a 37 inseam so 35 is a bit short but that doesn’t mean that I can’t find clothes here.  It doesn’t always have to be about the pants.  I love finding shirts and sweaters that I can change up by layering.

I contacted the company and they immediately contacted me back.  I love that personal touch! Rebecca (the awesome contact) gave me a few links to show everyone how they could ‘rock the glitter and glam’.  (love that phrase from her)

Long-sleeve sequin dress

Slinky cape dress

Sequin collar chiffon top

Lace one-shoulder dress

Twiggy colorblock coat

I can tell you that I will be ordering this knit dress that is so cute and will be awesome with leggings and long sleeves.

Oh, one more thing.  Right now there’s a sale, 25% off of partywear.  You can’t go wrong with a deal like that.

I LOVE shopping!!!!

Where’s Holli?

There really is no excuse for my absence.  I’d love to make up this great story about how I was whisked away to Australia by some handsome goat-herder and I lost track of the last 3 months…but I really have no excuse what-so-ever.

Or I could tell you how I was walking down the street on my way to Starbucks and I  hit my head on another stop sign.  It caused me memory loss for the past 3 months.   It also prompted me to hop on the next bus to New Orleans and I’ve been supplementing my income by tap dancing with street urchins. (I did take 8 years of tap-dancing lessons)

In all honesty, I have been busy with work and with my life in general.  Usually I’ve always been able to find time to write.  It’s part of who I am.  But lately it seems I’ve been very, very busy and I’ve got nothing to show for my craziness except an empty blog!

Now I will tell you that I have some exciting stories coming.  Remember the really funny, ‘Interview with a Tall Guy‘ (Chris Clapham)?  If you click the link you’ll get to see his hilarious interview.  I actually got to meet him when I was in MN visiting my family!!!  I’m going to be blogging about that awesome experience.  He’s a kick in the pants.  I’ll also be blogging about what I’ve been doing this summer and about what I’ve not been doing this summer.  I’ve got some great photos to share because you know how I love to take pics with people.

Funny Man Clapham and Moi!

So yes, I’ve been a bit absent as of late and I apologize for this from the bottom of my heart.   I’m hell-bent on getting back to the weekly writing (as I sit here on a Saturday night pretending to watch the movie, ‘Inception’, reading People magazine, and consuming Riesling with my 3 cats!  I’m so cool…)  Too much work and no  fun means no horseplay for Holli…..

Ummmm...I might be too big for this horse!

More to come….

The Tall Convention

Where has Holli been???  Yes, I have taken a little vacation from writing but now I’m back because I have stories.  And I have to tell you where I’ve been.

Last week the annual Tall Clubs International Convention was held in Seattle, WA and let me tell you I had one of the best times ever!!!  I laughed and I partied until 3:00 am just like I was young (er) again.  It was an incredible time.

Ylian shot video after video and they are awesome!!!  I’m unfortunately not going to say much on my first day back at blogging I will, however, leave you with this wonderful link to go check out the videos for yourself.  Don’t stop at the first one, there are about 10 videos from 2011 as well as many videos from previous Portland Skyliner events.

Incidentally, Miss Talisha Tolliver is your new Miss Tall International 2011!!!

Miss Tall International 2011, Talisha Tolliver

You all should be checking out your local TALL clubs because this is too much fun not to share!!!

I Love My Height (.com)

I LOVE fun t-shirts. I will wear anything that will start up an interesting conversation.  Add that to my height and you have instant fun!  Here’s the kicker…I found a NEW website created by 4 wonderfully tall women and it’s going to knock your socks off!

Before I explain, let me give you the link.  The site is called ‘I Love My Height’

Anna McCord, 6'2" (picture from ILoveMyHeight.com)

1.  It’s a TALL t-shirt site–that’s right.  It’s dedicated to those lovely long legs.  I mean, who doesn’t want t-shirts that say awesome things?

2.  The company is founded by TALL women.  Each of them is tall ranging from 5’11” to 6’2″.  They know what it’s like to be tall and they’ve not only embraced it, but they’ve made it fun.  Wear it on your chest…they dare you!

3.  They have a pretty wide range in sizing from junior sizes to misses sizing.  Junior fits range from XS to XXL.  Misses fits range from XS to a 4XL.  That’s a pretty great range of sizing guaranteed to fit everyone!

4.  They offer t-shirts in wholesale.  If you like a particular t-shirt and want to buy a lot of them, contact these ladies.  I’m thinking…bachelorette parties???  (Have I mentioned that I’ve been in 11 wedding and I’m REALLY good at throwing bachelorette parties?)

5.  There is one t-shire that I’m looking forward to purchasing (below).  This way everyone knows how tall I am.  I can own it!  (Although I need a shirt that says 6’4″)

Yup, no questions there!

This is what being tall and lovin’ it looks like!

Brand Loyalty

Does anyone know this guys tailor?

Last semester, I had a mild epiphany. I was sitting in my Brand Strategy class and we were having a discussion about brand loyalty; what goes into brand loyalty, why people are brand loyal, and so on and so one. I took a moment and cataloged what brands I am loyal to, naming off such handy favorites as Apple (who owns me completely), Google, Swiss Army for bags, Irish Spring for soap, Dewalt for power tools, and others when I realized something interesting. I have absolutely no brand loyalty when it comes to clothing. None.

I used to think this was simply because I hate shopping like what is the common preconceived notion about men. “Shopping’s stupid. GRRRR FOOTBALL!!!” And I’ve had many friends take me shopping to try and put me in clothes (Hi Nick and Chelsea!) with little success to get me addicted to any of their brands. But what I’ve come to realize is the reason that why I have no brand loyalty is because there really isn’t a brand that caters to my height. Nick tried to get me into GAP, to which he is their personal bitch (don’t deny it Nick), but every time I buy something from anywhere it’s always a little to short or too wide. Sure, there is Big and Tall, but Big and Tall is predominantly BIG not Tall. Those clothes are made for tallish fat men, not tall skinny guys.

Most tall guys have essentially given in on this front, including my little brother. He asks me all the time why I don’t just wear XL, which pretty much covers my body as well as a moo-moo covers a dwarf. XL is made for fat America, not tall America. And LT (Large Tall) is just extra cloth at the bottom of a shirt made for average sized people. (Read about my fit size complaint here.) It hangs incredibly low because it’s meant for people 6’3″ to 6’10” tall and that’s a pretty big distance to cover.

Sample from Vertical Workshop, modeled by Jeff (6’5″)

But wait! There is hope. A guy named Jeff, who has started his own brand called Vertical Workshop designed specifically for tall, more slender men (sorry ladies). He’s actually looking for people to try out some of his samples and give feedback. I’m signing up to try it out so I’ll let you all know how it goes. Click here to join in!

If it works out, I may have found a place to put my brand loyalty. Jeff’s funding this purely with his own life savings and really hopes to make a go of it. Good luck Jeff! I hope it works out! (I’ve also added Vertical Workshop to my sidebar list of Tall shopping)

And if you are a tall lady and want to read about tall lady fashion, please go check out Sarah Vain and Tall’s blog and find out some cool stuff about fashion for tall ladies. (She’s also listed in my links in the sidebar.)