Tall Girl on TV…

So, let me put this out there right away:  I’m not going to be on TV.  However in the past couple of months I’ve noticed a dramatic uptick in the number of emails I’ve received from ‘TV Producers’.  Over the past few years since I started writing on the Tall Blog and since I joined Tall Clubs International (and won the Miss Tall International pageant), I always seemed to get a request or an email about once a month from someone indicating that I should contact them regarding a new, exciting TV show about Tall people.

The first time it happened I was SO EXCITED!  I was living in Portland at the time and this is also during the time when the TLC show ‘Little People, Big World’ was really gaining momentum.  I thought that maybe I had a shot of becoming a hit reality series especially since the Roloff’s live right outside of Portland.  I could totally relate!  That new star could be ME.


Me…on a bike! Cool.

The producers and I exchanged many emails and I sent multiple videos answering their many questions.  I thought I was a shoe-in!  This went on for several weeks.  And then….nothing happened.  Each day I’d excitedly check (and re-check) my email until one day I finally realized that I wasn’t going to be a star.

Now fast forward several years later, multiple emails later, and many videos later.  I’m still not on TV and I’m not as naïve to the process.  I still think I’m quite funny, witty, and totally TV material…but I’m not on TV.  And actually now that I’m a little older (and wiser?  Yes, definitely wiser) I think I have good material to be on TV, but I don’t think I should play myself.  But that’s a whole other blog.

What I find interesting (and definitely a learning experience) about this whole process is the direction that each of the producers wanted to take the series.  Lonely, TALL woman can’t find a man because she’s so tall.  Woe is her.  Well…that’s not real life.  It might be real for some women, but it’s all about choices.  This makes me digress into another quick story.

I could’ve been on TV.  Right after I moved to Madison, WI in the fall of 2012 I got an offer to be on the Steve Harvey show to be part of a dating show.  They asked me to be the Tall Girl and they would have 3 Tall Guys that I could pick from.  They would then film a ‘Dating Game’ if you will, and the winner and I would then go out on a date.  Which of course would be filmed for TV.  I declined the chance to be on the show citing my brand new job as my main reason, but I also wasn’t completely comfortable with another outlet providing the message that Tall Women can’t get dates.  That seems to be the usual message.  Hmmm….frustrating.

So I suppose the whole purpose of this blog isn’t to stop producers from emailing me.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Keep those emails coming, however let’s focus on real life.  I’m a normal person who happens to be a little taller than most people.  That’s it.  For now let’s continue with all of the glorious adjectives that describe me….and we’ll also go with the fact that I’m normal, but taller.

Tall girl in a new city

I’ve lived in Portland for almost 5 1/2 years.  I moved here in April of 2007 from Denver, CO where I had lived since July of 2003.  I moved for my dream job and my dream city both of which were happening at the same time.  I was excited, happy, bursting with energy and ready to embrace both city living and my wonderful new job.

One of the pictures from my going away party from Denver, CO back in 2007. That’s almost 6 years ago!

But now, my rose-colored glasses have fogged a bit and I think it’s time for a change.  I lived in Des Moines, IA for about 5 years before Denver and I’m thinking it’s time to get back to the Mid-West.  I miss my family and I miss seeing my nieces and nephew growing up.  And I really miss my sisters and my parents (and Grandma!)  So what’s a tall-girl to do?  I think it’s time to get closer to home.

Once I had made the decision I had to figure out where in the mid-west I should end up.  I picked 4 cities: Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI; and Chicago, IL.  I figured any job within this 4-point radius would be feasible provided it fit within my salary range.  AND, more importantly, it had to fit within my ‘happiness’ range.  This means that my next job must make me happy.  I want to lead a team and help people.  I used to do this and it made me extremely happy.   It’s SO important to me that I be happy doing what I love.

SO….what does this all mean….

I recently found the job that looks like it could be that perfect fit.  And it happened to be in Madison, WI.  Everything happened so quickly it was a blur.  And now, as of yesterday, I’m in Madison, WI.  I’m beyond thrilled.  I have that feeling again…the one that makes me want to embrace the city and the job.  I’m ecstatic and in my gut (which is the most important tell-tale sign), my gut says this is the right move.

There’s a tall club here and one in Milwaukee that I’m planning on joining.  I’m living downtown next to the capital so I’ll be within walking distance to all of the ‘weirdness’ that everyone here has assured me I will see.  There’s a University here where I can see college football and tailgate (although I will never leave my IA Hawks).  And best of all, I’m within 5 hours of my family.  I can actually come home for Christmas this year and maybe Thanksgiving too!  Bring on the homemade egg-nog!

So, with a fresh new city and a fresh new outlook I’m ready to get out and make some memories to share with you.  Now, if only my furniture would arrive….

More to come….in Madison, WI!

Shopping again?!?

I’m at it again. Yes, even after my fiasco with my previous experience from Tall and All, I’ve found another new Tall Shop and I just ordered a dress!!! But first, let me relate to you my total experience from Tall and All.

I ordered the jumpsuit from my previous post on 2-21-12 however I didn’t receive the jumpsuit until 4-10-12. This was after I had emailed them twice and each time was told it would take at least 10 days. Hmmm…I know I’m not the best at math but come on!

I tried the jumpsuit on and it fits…but it’s quite possibly the poorest made piece of clothing I’ve ever purchased. Even the material itself is coarse and doesn’t lay appropriately on the body. It’s very see through, so although I’d love to take a picture and show you, I’d like to keep my private bits….private.

I’m SO disappointed. Even my friend Jane who is also 6’2″ was disappointed. I tried it on for her and we both fell into a fit of giggles. She asked what I was going to do with it and I told her it may come in handy for Halloween. I truly dislike giving a negative review but I would suggest staying away from the store Tall and All. It’s not worth the $80 I paid for a jumpsuit that’s going to sit in my closet and collect dust.

BUT…let’s get to the positive stuff. Thanks to a wonderful blog from The Junoesque Blog I found out about a new tall store located on the East Coast called Talltique.  I visited their home page and immediately fell in love with a dress worn by a 6’6″ model. It’s the 2nd one from the left below:

Courtesy of Talltique website.

I immediately emailed the website in their contact information section and asked how I could purchase this dress.  Did I mention it’s called the ‘Infinity Maxi Dress’ because you can wear the straps multiple ways?  (Holy Heaven!)  I got a response from Helen Pappas within minutes and we agreed to chat the next day (today).

She was not only delightful to talk to, she gave me a 15% discount as a new purchaser and as a member of the tall clubs!  Additionally, in the few weeks or so she expects their online shopping to be up and running so I now officially have another store that will definitely be seeing more of me.  I can’t wait to see how this dress fits!

You can ‘Like’ Talltique on Facebook or you can check out their website Talltique.

Tall Singles Groups

You never know who might show up at your Tall events...Prince maybe?

How cool is this?  There is a Tall Singles Meet Up Group in Portland!!!  So you know I’m a member of the Portland Skyliners which in turn is a member of Tall Clubs International (TCI).  Our Tall club hosts many events through Meet Up and we have been attracting quite a bit of attention lately particularly through our Meet Up site.  We’ve been posting our social hours, dinner events, misc. events, etc and we’ve been getting quite a few new faces showing up to socialize.  Well, there is a Tall Singles Meet Up in Portland that isn’t affiliated with our Portland Skyliners!  New faces…of course I had to join!!!!

I then did a little research on Meet Up and I found 39 different Meet Ups with the words ‘Tall and Single’ in them.  Now when I filtered through the 39 I actually came out with 23 groups that were specifically for Tall People.  Some are off-shoots of actual tall clubs but some are true tall, singles groups.  They range from FL to NY to Canada and there is a grand total of 2,370 Tall Persons joined throughout the US and Canada.

Elvis always did have a 'thing' for me....

I haven’t been to an event yet but there’s a sushi dinner tomorrow night that looks tempting…I think I’ll be brave and go.  I love meeting people!!!  And I can’t turn down sushi.

This is wonderful!!!  I’m sure many of you  have already found this information but I always enjoy passing along what I hope is useful.  I created a quick list of all the groups I found on Meet Up and pasted it below so if you see one in your area you can check it out.  I also linked them so my hopes are that you can find a fun activity in your area!  Good luck all!!


City, State


Tall Singles Portland Portland, OR


Bay Area Tall Singles San Francisco, CA


Seattle Tall Singles Kirkland, WA


Boston Tall Singles Boston, MA


SoCal Tall Singles Los Angeles, CA


OKC Tall Club Oklahoma City, OK


Tall Club of Toronto Toronto, ON


Kansas City Tall Group Kansas City, MO


Tall Club of North Carolina Raleigh, NC


Silicon Valley Tall Group San Jose, CA


Atlanta Tall Club Atlanta, GA


Milwaukee Talls Milwaukee, WI


Tall Austin Singles Austin, TX


Tall Club of Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV


Tall Club of New York City New York, NY


Portland Skyliners Tall Club Portland, OR


Tall Toronto Social Club North York, ON


Denver/Boulder Tall Singles Denver, CO


Boston Beanstalks Tall Club Boston, MA


Tall Professionals of South Florida Miami, FL


Carolina Tall Club Greenville, SC


Tall Girls Group Palm Bay, FL




The Tall Convention

Where has Holli been???  Yes, I have taken a little vacation from writing but now I’m back because I have stories.  And I have to tell you where I’ve been.

Last week the annual Tall Clubs International Convention was held in Seattle, WA and let me tell you I had one of the best times ever!!!  I laughed and I partied until 3:00 am just like I was young (er) again.  It was an incredible time.

Ylian shot video after video and they are awesome!!!  I’m unfortunately not going to say much on my first day back at blogging I will, however, leave you with this wonderful link to go check out the videos for yourself.  Don’t stop at the first one, there are about 10 videos from 2011 as well as many videos from previous Portland Skyliner events.

Incidentally, Miss Talisha Tolliver is your new Miss Tall International 2011!!!

Miss Tall International 2011, Talisha Tolliver

You all should be checking out your local TALL clubs because this is too much fun not to share!!!

Height doesn’t take a Vacation

This past weekend there was a big football game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones. I would’ve loved to have been back at Kinnick Stadium to tailgate with my fellow Hawkeyes but instead I found a place here in Portland, OR where they play all of the Hawkeye games.

What I find wonderful about this little place is that every person there exuded the spirit of true Iowa people: passionate about football, polite, friendly, and genuine. I felt like I was in my hometown except for one thing, they were all short. There was one guy there who was just over the 6’0” mark but everyone else was short! What the heck?

See the height difference?

I went up to the bar and ordered a beer apologizing to the couple behind me for blocking their view of the game (why is it that us ‘tall folk’ feel the need to apologize for something we can’t control?) and the woman said to me, “You’re definitely from Iowa, you’re tall.” I said, “Yes I am. Thank you.” And then I headed back to my place to watch the game. I heard a couple of whispers, “I wonder if she played at Iowa?” “Man she’s tall!” “Look at that hottie!” Okay, I made that last one up but the whispers were still there which of course I love. I tried to catch people’s eyes so that I could make conversation but eyes were mostly on the game.

Look for me in the far right!!

Being a Hawkeye is a tradition in our family because my cousin is an Athletic Director at Iowa so we are big Hawk fans and because this is an inter-state rivalry, this was a big game. I had to watch this game. The game started and the Hawks were kicking some butt. There were high fives all around and I had to laugh. This cute little blond girl made a big scene of getting up on a bar stool to give me a high-five. To which I stood on my tip-toes and really made her work for it. I love doing that.  The game ended and of course the Hawks won!!

Next we headed to my Tall Club’s rummage sale. We are raising money for our TALL Scholarship and the rummage sale is one of our ways to raise a little money and help us to clean out our closets. Remember how I take pictures with short people? Here’s one I think you may enjoy. This was taken at the rummage sale (or garage sale for those not from the Midwest).

Awesome short guy!

Now normally I wouldn’t share my entire day of events with you but here’s where I think every TALL person can relate: height doesn’t take a day off. Everywhere I go my height goes with me and although I usually don’t even think about it, others can’t help but see it. At the bar watching the game I didn’t think twice about my height until I went to the bar and ordered a drink. Then I felt like I had to apologize for blocking someone behind me. I’m polite by nature so it’s not completely out of character for me but it never occurred to me that a short person wouldn’t apologize, why did I feel compelled to say something?

Then of course when I was at the rummage sale and the wonderful picture opportunity came up, I started thinking again about how my height is always present. Thankfully I grew up in a family that nurtured tallness instead of cursing it, but it makes me wonder how I would cope if it were the other way around. What if I didn’t want to be tall? How do you get away from something that is always present?

I always remind myself of how lucky I am and height is one thing that I’m very grateful to have. I wish that more people could experience this and it’s too bad I’m in the 95th percentile (or something like that). Or maybe that’s a good thing…too many people like me around might make me less special. Either way if you are reading this, hopefully you can relate. I guess the moral of the story is, height doesn’t a vacation, so you should always be prepared to take pictures with short people.


Welcome welcome welcome!!! It’s time for my last magical cool thing of the Top 5 Coolest Things I Learned from reading The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen. It’s been a long time coming and I’m sure that you’ve been waiting with baited breath for this last of the top five. If you missed the ongoing coverage, you can see any of the previous 4 coolest things by checking out these links to #2, #3, #4, #5. But for now, let’s move onto….

The Number 1, coolest thing I learned from reading The Tall Book is:

#1: Tall Clubs That Improve Tall Lives

I know that I have written before that there are tall clubs, which is pretty neat. There are conventions where tall people go to meet, exchange information and most importantly they do things to improve the lives of tall people. The big take away I got from it though was the fact that while tall people are more likely to make a lot of money and be in positions of power, it is still pretty hard to convince companies or the government to do anything special to accommodate us. Take, for instance, the California King Bed.

It took the first tall club ever, founded in Hollywood, using the logic of “It’s not just for talls, it’s for large families that only have one bed” as logic to convince manufacturers that such a large bed would be marketable. This was a long time ago, back in the 40’s or so, when it was much more common to see poor families sleeping in one family size bed for a variety of very non-incestuous reasons. But the most important thing to take away is the fact that in order to get change for us we have to market it as change for people of average height.

And that’s it for me this week! Orientation for the incoming class at B-school is next week. IS EVERYONE AS EXCITED AS I AM!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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