Tall Feet = Tall Shoes

I swear that for most of my life I have hated shopping in general. Shoe shopping in particular. When I was a kid, I actually wore a pair of high top shoes so long that eventually, the back end of the shoe separated from the heal. I eventually made them into puppets.

Eventually, as I got older, it got worse because stuff just stopped fitting. I’d literally walk into a show store and take whatever pair of shoes they had that fit me because most stores only stock up to size 12. Of the size 12, they have maybe 4 kinds to choose from. Once I hit size 13, it was all over. Now I’m a size 14D, which means my feet are wider than “normal”. I was wearing 15’s for a while, which kind of feels like wearing clown shoes.

I considered shopping online, but I never liked ordering something that might not fit only to have to figure out how to ship it back. I’ve never been pleased with many companies return policies and have felt screwed on several occasions.

Lucky for me, at the MBA program I was in a class where we got around to talking about websites and one of the one’s that was mentioned was www.zapos.com. Apparently, this site not only makes it easy to order but they also include the packing to SHIP IT BACK!!! Seriously, right along inside. You hate it, throw it in the return bag and it goes back.

I’ve finally decided to try it out as my running shoes a long time ago, a sad looking pair of New Balance, really don’t go with my belt. And if there is one thing that my gay friends taught me is that my shoes better match my fucking belt.

So here are the two pairs I’ve narrowed it to:

I like brown, just cause I’m not a terribly colorful guy when it comes to my clothes. I think it has to do with the already “public life” that tall people lead, which means I don’t need to do anything extra to draw attention to myself.

Which brings me to a question to you, my wonderful readers who might give a shit about this: which pair do I buy as my first attempt at Zapos? I’ll let you know how it goes, if I return it and how smoothly that all runs. I figure, better me wasting my money to try it out and let you know if it’s something you should use as opposed to all of you trying it and end up hating the service. It works, I’ll add it as a link on the side bar. If not, I SHALL BURN YOUR WEBSITE TO THE GROUND ZAPOS!!!! 🙂

PS: I’ve added a link to Zinn’s Big and Tall Bike Shop. It’s a bike store that is solely dedicated to making bike’s for tall riders. Sorry guys, I don’t have enough money to actually buy one and try it out for you. But if you want to buy one or convince the nice people at Zinn to send me one I’ll let you know how it handle’s on the streets of San Francisco.