Tall Genealogy

I’ve been researching my family’s genealogy with my mom for over 10 years. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and it’s pretty exciting finding out about my relatives and my ancestors.  We’ve been pretty successful in researching our family lineage and we currently have 7,682 ancestors linked in our tree.  In fact, we’ve been able to trace our family back as far as the 1300’s in some of our family lines.  But one of the things that I’ve always wondered is ‘Where do I get my height?’


This picture was taken in Europe 2 years ago. Tiny door, huh?  From the 1300’s!

My immediate family is tall.  My 3 sisters are right at 6 feet tall, my dad is 6’6″ and my mom…well, my mom is only about 5’6″ (although she still claims she’s 1-2 inches taller than that).  I have 2 first cousins both of whom are female and both are right around 5’11”.  Pretty much all of the males in my family are over 6 feet tall and the females are around 5’10” – 5’11”.  So which side of my family does the height come from?

Not surprisingly much of my family, from both sides actually, is from Ireland.  We’ve got quite a bit from England as well.  Then there’s a line from Denmark and Sweden too. And one line from Germany.  While I haven’t found any royalty or famous relatives we did have some of our kin marry an aunt of president John Adams.

So back to my original question.  Where does my height come from?  And how can I find out?  You can’t exactly find out how tall your ancestors are unless it’s written down somewhere or if there are stories handed down.  Now, military records can give you some indication of height.  I did find out that my great, great grandfather on my dad’s side was of medium height when he signed his World War I draft registration cards back in 1918.  He was in his 40’s when he signed up, which itself is an interesting fact, but I also find it interesting that he was of medium height.  His sons were all around 6 feet tall.  But what does medium height mean?


Bert Henry Jennings – he was of ‘medium’ height. How tall is that?

My mom and I are currently on Ancestry.com and that’s how we keep track of our family tree.  What’s really neat about Ancestry is that it allows the ability for others to contact you if they happen to either be researching the same family member as you or if they possibly have a relative within the same family line.

Several years ago I had a relative contact me on my mom’s side and they gave me some wonderful information.  They told me that my mom had several great uncles that were over 6’7″ tall.  We had always assumed that all of the height in our family had come from my dad’s side of the family but it appears that my mom had a little height on her side as well.  Which is actually very funny considering that most of mom’s immediate family is actually very short.

I wasn’t sure about what to do with this new knowledge since I didn’t know if there was any way to corroborate this information so I turned to Ancestry.com.  I started to look up the military records for as many of the men on mom’s side of the family and there it was, proof that her side carries the tall genes too!  The military records actually indicate ‘tall’ and not ‘medium’ height.  This doesn’t give me actual height, but it does tell me they were above average.

I guess my height comes from both sides of the family.  I’d still say it primarily comes from my dad’s side, but it’s nice to know that we have a little on mom’s side too.


I’d guess this photo is probably from 1982-83 ish. Mom is on the far right and she still appears to be somewhat tall with her tall, young daughters. I personally love my light blue shorts with red trim. Coke is it!

So as we continue to research my family I will continue to look into the height.  My sisters and I recently bought both of my parents DNA tests.  I’m not sure exactly how the genetic markers work within the tests and how Ancestry.com will match us up with relatives across the world, but I’m looking forward to getting the results back. I’m hoping to make contact with potential new relatives and find out if there is more ‘tallness’ that I’m not aware of.  Although heck…maybe I’m just an awesome anomaly.  I can live with that.

Either way, I love my genealogy hobby!  It’s so interesting and it keeps me busy.  If you are interested in checking out your own genealogy, here’s the link for Ancestry.com.  Have fun!

Tribute to Kim Grimm

6 years ago a good friend of mine passed away on today’s date.  I saw a Facebook post from her mom this morning and it hit me hard.  I had written this blog post several days after I heard of her passing and I felt the need to share it again.  Kim was such a special person and life just isn’t fair sometimes.


Approximately 20 years ago, in Junior High, I first learned of this girl named Kim Grimm.  I was a nerdy little 7th grader who was already 5’9″, had hideous glasses, bad hair, and just enough talent to play fairly decent basketball.  She was a scrappy, skinny girl who actually knew how to handle a basketball and could shoot better than most boys AND we were in the same conference.

I’m not going to say we were fast friends or anything like that, not at this point anyway.  In most rural areas and small communities, people generally know the standout players from each school within the school districts.  Kim was definitely the standout player for the Riceville Wildcats.  All through junior high and then through high school, we competed against each other in basketball and softball. Kim may have played volleyball and ran track, but for some reason I don’t remember.

Her team won some games and my team (North Central Falcons) won some games but I honestly don’t remember if one school was consistently better than the other.  Fast forward 6 years to my favorite memory of Kim from way back then.  We had both just graduated from high school and it was still summer, smack dab in the middle of softball season.  It was June 28th, 1991…my 18th birthday.  We were playing Riceville and Kim was pitching.  Riceville was up by 1 and I was up to bat.  Somehow I managed to hit the ball far into right-center field and even as slow as I was, I managed a double.  I got 2 RBI’s with that hit and we were up by 1.  We held our lead and won the game.  As we were slapping hands with her team she grabbed my hand, smiled, and said, “Happy Birthday Holli”.  How cool is that?  Her team just lost and she still wished me a happy birthday.  I’ll never forget it.  After knowing Kim I now realize that it was simply a typical Kim response.

That fall I signed a Letter of Intent to play basketball at Waldorf College.  I soon learned that one of my teammates would be Kim.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was!  I had always gotten along with Kim and I liked the idea of knowing at least one person on the team.

Kim is number 20 on the bottom left.

Playing College ball was tough for me coming from a 6-on-6 basketball experience, but Kim took right to it.  She was one of those teammates who would run beside you when you needed some encouragement…and I needed it, a lot.  I have somewhat fond memories of Kimmy running beside me saying, ‘Keep it up Holli.  You are doing great.  We are almost done.’  Not sure I would’ve made it without her.

Many, many, many more great memories of basketball.  The time when I came into the locker room and Kim was wearing my bra…and I got mad at her.  Everyone else thought it was hilarious, but I didn’t.  Of course, Kim wasn’t the kind of person you can stay mad at for very long and we all had a good chuckle over how many pairs of socks it took to fill that bra up.

Our sophomore year and our struggle to make it to the National Junior College basketball tournament.  There was this awesome picture of Kim in the Mason City Globe Gazette paper and she’s running on the court with her arms in the air, we had just won our final game and cemented our place in the national tournament; The fun that we all had staying in the hotel room in Maryland and the one in Washington DC; All of us doing the ‘Ethiopian shoulder dance’ in the middle of the court. The entire tournament experience was one that I will never ever forget.  What a fantastic trip

This was our team picture that was in the Globe Gazette when we knew we were going to Nationals.

I also remember Kim and I looking across a stage at one another as we sat on the Waldorf Homecoming court silently making fun of each other.  I don’t think we believed that we were actually sitting in front of the entire school in basically a prom dress….

In February of 1997 I rode-tripped to CO to visit my sister and I stopped in Council Bluffs to visit Kim on my way.  Oh we had fun!  I remember going out that night and seeing some random Waldorf people that we totally hadn’t seen in years.  Another good memory.

My friend Kim passed away on Friday, November 17th  2006.  In March of 2000 she had been diagnosed with a blood disorder called Thrombotic Thombocytopenia Purpura (TTP).  She was a dear person with a great heart.  I’m sorry to say that we didn’t keep in touch as we should have however I kept tabs on her through my sister and her friends.  She touched my life and I’m sure that I’m a better person for having known her.  I still can’t believe that she is gone.

Tall Girl trying to help the Homeless

I’ve been in Madison, WI a little over a month now and I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far.  I live close to downtown and I get the opportunity to walk to work every day.  Which means, I walk by our beautiful capitol every morning and every evening.  Our capitol square is usually very busy with all walks of life and this also gives me the opportunity to people-watch as I enjoy my daily walks.  I have the mindset that people are weird, amazing creatures and I will never fully understand how people think or what causes people to act the way they act sometimes.

This picture has nothing to do with the story but I always like to have a picture.

I have a tendency to look around me as I walk.  Actually, let me tell you a bit about me before I go into my story.  I enjoy making eye-contact with people on my daily walk sometimes because this gives me a bit of socialization and preps me for my day.  Some days I’ll go about my walks simply thinking and looking but not really making eye contact and some days I’ll say ‘Good Morning’ to everyone I see.  It really depends on the day.  This past week I had an instance of more than a simple ‘Hello’.

I have this particular homeless man who when I see him in the mornings he has always said, ‘Hi Beautiful’ to me.  This starts my day off on a positive note and gives me an ego boost in the mornings.  Earlier this week my ‘regular’ stopped me on my way home.  He wanted to ask me a question.  Of course I stopped and said, ‘yes’.  He made a little small talk at first and then asked me if I could help him find a homeless shelter for the winter.  This tugged at my heartstrings a bit because winters in the Midwest are nothing to sneeze at and I can’t even imagine not having a safe (and warm) place to sleep every night.

I work for a State Housing Authority and while I don’t have any connections to charities or shelters, I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to ask around to see if I could find some assistance for this young man.  I gave him my business card and because I see him nearly every day, I said I would talk to him later in the week and share with him whatever information I could find.

Two days later I received a call at work.  It was Kyle.  He wanted to know if I had found out any information for him.  I really didn’t have anything to give him yet because although I had been asking around for him, I didn’t have anything substantial.  I let him know this and told him to give me a few more days.  About two hours later I got a call from my receptionist letting me know that I had a visitor named Kyle and that I ‘would know who he was’.

I went to meet Kyle in our lobby, with red-flags dancing in my head.  I had talked to him not two hours ago and let him know that I didn’t have any information for him, why was he here at my place of work?

I stayed in the lobby because it’s a public place and I didn’t want to take him back to my office since I work in a secure building.  He had dressed up as best he could by wearing khaki’s, a jean shirt, and a tie.  He even pulled his long hair into a bun.

After a quick hello Kyle asked me what he had come there to ask me.  He wanted to ask me on a date.  I was floored and completely rendered speechless for a few minutes.  While he talked about a few other things my mind was racing, ‘how do I get myself out of this situation causing the least amount of damage?’

I quickly interrupted him and said that I couldn’t go on a date with him but I would still try to help him find shelter as best I could.  Thankfully, our receptionist, the consummate professional that she is, overheard the overall conversation and quickly came to my rescue by printing out several pages for shelters and missions in the area and discreetly handed them to me as she passed by.

I then quickly ushered him out of the building and finally, caught my breath.

I’m not a scaredy-cat.  In fact, there are times when I should be frightened but because of my height, my attitude, and the way I was brought up, I’m simply not scared.  But I’ll be honest, I was a touch on the un-nerved side.  I don’t think I knowingly put myself in scary situations, but this isn’t the first time where I’ve done something that I thought was the right thing and it turned out to be not so right (I still don’t necessarily think it was wrong).

So…the moral of my story is this: it doesn’t hurt to want to help people, but sometimes it is better to let the professionals handle it.  I can always volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen rather than try to assist someone personally.  I wish I could say ‘Lesson Learned’ but knowing me, an odd situation will present itself again and I’ll unwittingly make a decision I potentially may regret.  But as long as I know I’m always trying to do the right thing, then I’m okay with those decisions too.

Again…the picture has nothing to do with the story except I do try to do the right thing. And that makes me happy with who I am.

Tall girl in a new city

I’ve lived in Portland for almost 5 1/2 years.  I moved here in April of 2007 from Denver, CO where I had lived since July of 2003.  I moved for my dream job and my dream city both of which were happening at the same time.  I was excited, happy, bursting with energy and ready to embrace both city living and my wonderful new job.

One of the pictures from my going away party from Denver, CO back in 2007. That’s almost 6 years ago!

But now, my rose-colored glasses have fogged a bit and I think it’s time for a change.  I lived in Des Moines, IA for about 5 years before Denver and I’m thinking it’s time to get back to the Mid-West.  I miss my family and I miss seeing my nieces and nephew growing up.  And I really miss my sisters and my parents (and Grandma!)  So what’s a tall-girl to do?  I think it’s time to get closer to home.

Once I had made the decision I had to figure out where in the mid-west I should end up.  I picked 4 cities: Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI; and Chicago, IL.  I figured any job within this 4-point radius would be feasible provided it fit within my salary range.  AND, more importantly, it had to fit within my ‘happiness’ range.  This means that my next job must make me happy.  I want to lead a team and help people.  I used to do this and it made me extremely happy.   It’s SO important to me that I be happy doing what I love.

SO….what does this all mean….

I recently found the job that looks like it could be that perfect fit.  And it happened to be in Madison, WI.  Everything happened so quickly it was a blur.  And now, as of yesterday, I’m in Madison, WI.  I’m beyond thrilled.  I have that feeling again…the one that makes me want to embrace the city and the job.  I’m ecstatic and in my gut (which is the most important tell-tale sign), my gut says this is the right move.

There’s a tall club here and one in Milwaukee that I’m planning on joining.  I’m living downtown next to the capital so I’ll be within walking distance to all of the ‘weirdness’ that everyone here has assured me I will see.  There’s a University here where I can see college football and tailgate (although I will never leave my IA Hawks).  And best of all, I’m within 5 hours of my family.  I can actually come home for Christmas this year and maybe Thanksgiving too!  Bring on the homemade egg-nog!

So, with a fresh new city and a fresh new outlook I’m ready to get out and make some memories to share with you.  Now, if only my furniture would arrive….

More to come….in Madison, WI!

So you wanna start a Tall Club, eh?

You’re tall.  You feel like you hang out with a lot of tall people.  You think it would be fun to start a tall club.  So you talk to your other tall friends and everyone seems to think it would be fun and a great idea.  Now what?  Well, that’s what I’m here for!  I’ve got the inside info on how you can start your very own tall club and also how you too can become affiliated with Tall Clubs International.

The basic requirements:

  1. Men must be a minimum of 6’2″ and women must be a minimum of 5’10”.
  2. All members must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Start-up clubs should be active for 6 months prior to application for membership
  4. Minimum membership prior to application for membership is 15 members.
  5. TCI annual dues are $3 per member, minimum of $45, due in January of each year.

The basic steps

  1. Name your club and elect officers
  2. Publicize your club (Facebook, Twitter, Meet-Up, etc)
  3. Begin having regular meetings and social events to attract more members
  4. Write your bylaws (samples available)
  5. Open a bank account and start collecting dues to fund events
  6. Once you have 15 members it’s time to apply for members ship!  (you must have authorization by a majority vote of your members directing the club president to seek membership through TCI)
  7. Contact TCI’s Vice President of Membership (tci-membership@tall.org) at least 60 days prior to the annual convention (usually the last weekend in June) to submit your application for membership.  You will need:
  • Letter of Application from your Club President
  • Letter of Sponsorship from another TCI club in good standing (find one that’s close in proximity to you or perhaps make friends with someone in a club OR contact me and I’ll direct you to someone close to you)
  • Send a check for 1/2 of the annual dues (minimum $22.50 for 15 members)
  • List of founding members (Include: names, officially measured height barefoot, zip code, and email address)

If all is in order, your new club will be nominated for membership at the annual Delegates meeting during Convention.

Some of my tall club members at Convention in Las Vegas in 2009 when I won Miss Tall International.

Why should I become affiliated with Tall Clubs International (TCI)?

  • Charity–TCI is affiliated with several charities so your funds go to some great charities such as Marfan Syndrome and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Parents–TCI is a little like your parent.  You have your local club and then TCI above your local club.  It’s a great dynamic.
  • Parties–do you like to party?  Yeah, me too.  And so do many of the TCI members.
  • Tall People–do you like to party with tall people?  Yeah, me too…..see where I’m going with this?
  • Tall Stores–what better place to swap stories about tall stores or even better swap clothes.  Or how about this, many tall stores offer discounts to members of TCI!!!
  • Miss Tall International–Are you single, female, and always wanted to wear a crown and a sash?  Perhaps you should consider running for Miss Tall International.
  • Ummmm…FUN–I don’t think I need to expand on this

Me and my tall friend Jan. This was taken at a Tall Christmas party!

Now, if you’d like to start a tall club please do!  If you would like more information on this please feel free to contact TCI Vice President (currently Genie Williamson) at tci-membership@tall.org.

I can also assist if you would like to contact me at misstallgirlramblings@gmail.com.  I can direct you to clubs near you or directly to TCI for further assistance.

Where my Tall Girls at?

Today’s answers to a small portion of the questions:  I’m 6’4″.  I played basketball.  I played volleyball.  My parents were tall.  My sisters are tall.  My whole family is tall.  I buy most of my clothes online.  I DO date shorter men.  I DO date taller men.  I date men, period…..

The questions got to me today in case you didn’t notice.  Usually I can shrug them off with an answer and a smile.  Most of the time I’ll flirt or crack a joke but not today.  Today I was ‘off’.  I wanted to yell for back up!  Where were my tall ladies when I needed them?!?!  I need a horn to summon women over 6’2″ or maybe I’ll just start traveling in my own tall gang.  That’s right, tall women traveling in packs!  Perhaps that will make me look (and feel) normal on the days I don’t want to deal with it and keep the questions at bay.

Crossing the street and a smile for those people that yell naughty things at me!

What I find even more interesting is the car full of young’uns that yelled some really choice (umm…flattering in a construction worker-type way) words at me when I crossed the street, something about me being a ‘something tall, something-something’ and I could ‘do something’ to one of them that probably would make my mom blush….it didn’t make my night like it usually does.  Typically I love that sort of Portland weirdness and I walk away feeling like a million bucks.  But not tonight.

Now granted, I’ve got a lot on my mind as of late but for me not to like shouting boys…weird.  And even weirder, for me to not like random weird acts of Portlandess that involve ‘boys.  Now THAT’s weird.

More pictures with short people

We all know I love taking pictures, particularly pictures that are taken with those of the vertically challenged.  And yes, I mean shorter people.  This past weekend I went to the Hood to Coast celebration in Seaside, OR.  For those of you that don’t know what Hood to Coast is, allow me to explain.

The Hood to Coast (HTC) is a 199 mile, relay race.  This year the race included 1,050 teams with 12 runners per team.  That’s 12,600 runners!  The race begins at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and runs all the way to the coast ending at Seaside, OR.  Every year at the end of the race, the beach at Seaside is filled to the max with runners, walkers, volunteers, partiers, and random people!  It’s awesome and I’ve gone all 5 years that I’ve lived here in the NW.  This year was no exception.

My 4’11” friend, Liz, I was dancing the night away with. She’s one of the runners!

What I find interesting about the HTC after party is the amazingly upbeat and friendly attitude of everyone at the party.  The band, “Hit Machine” plays a variety of popular and dancing tunes (I even dance so that should speak for itself).

Now maybe it’s just me, but I always find myself a head above everyone there.  Of course realizing I’m 6’4″, but I’m figuring out that runners must be a little shorter.  Now I definitely don’t mean to generalize but there weren’t that many tall people.  I did see the tall folks from Iowa that I met last year so that was nice!

In February 2010 a movie was released called the ‘Hood to Coast Movie’ and I attended the premiere here in Portland.  It was amazing!  Not only was the movie really good, but it totally captured the spirit of the whole hood to coast.  The movie follows 4 teams as they train for the HTC and as they participate in the HTC.  This weekend I saw one of the ‘stars’ in the movie and I got to take my picture with her too!

The ‘star’ from the movie is on my right. She’s tiny too!

I enjoy taking pictures with shorter people and I enjoy the Hood to Coast.  So I had a nice weekend.  I hope you did too!

One Tall Woman’s agony

Wow. I am SO sad. I was on the Tall Street Journal and I found the following excerpt from one of the discussion boards:

“It sucks!”

Posted by Jess on February 15, 2012 at 1:26am in General
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It sucks being a tall lady/ girl/woman/chick!
We are so lonely!
Why do men hate us/ say we are masculine ( there is a lot of short men, are they feminine)????
Why do people ask rude questions?
Why do all men prefer spinners?
Why do short chicks make fun of us when they are ideal
Little luckies?
Why did GOD, my parents, doctors let this happen to me?
Why do people a think/ say tall females are trannies ? Trannies can be short & look just like Kim K. Why are people mean to Khole K? Why is life defined by height? Why am
I not a supermodel???,,,,, at least I’d have $ and maybe Mr. Brady??? Why do I repel the world? Why the hell am
I am UGLY giant ? Y? Life sucks & I guess you are supposed to accept it?
Why? Why? Why?”

Of course I had to respond and try to help but honestly, this makes me so sad.  What makes this even harder for me to understand, is this woman is 5’11”.  Tall, but by no means exceptionally tall.  I wonder what makes her life so horrible.  I want to help.

So sad….

Update: Tall Woman searching for Tall Man

If you know me, I tend to be wordy so if you want the short version: I’ve not found Mr. Tall Right. In fact I’ve not even gone on a single date yet!

For those of you that want the tall version, read on…

I have not found Mr. Mantastic yet…I’m sure he’s out there but….

So if you remember I uploaded my profile onto Match.com with baited breath, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best all the while keeping my expectations very low.  I’m SO glad I’ve kept my expectations at an all time low.  I’ve received many winks which have sparked no interest in me and I’ve received 1 email.  Okay, technically I’ve received 3 but 2 of those emails are from my friends, Dave and Jeff, so those don’t really count 🙂 (sorry guys).

I went into my profile this morning thinking maybe it’s too long.  So I deleted a couple of things to shorten it up and resubmitted it.  I personally think my profile is kinda funny, explains who I am, but isn’t terribly long so whomever reads it isn’t bored by the end.  But I’m simply not getting noticed OR I’m just too tall OR I’m not as funny as I think I am OR…the list is endless.

The Match Profile is like the resume of dating and I’m failing at this first step in the process.  I’ve actually used a professional resume service to beef up my professional resume so I’m wondering do I need that for my profile?  I met my last boyfriend randomly at a Portland Skyliner tall club event so do I need to hang around tall clubs?  What’s a tall girl to do?

I was also Miss Tall Portland once upon a time. What a fun time that was!

This whole dating thing is really no fun for me.  BUT, I can’t just hide myself away….I’m such a catch.  (Please read this dripping with sarcasm as that’s how it’s being written.  And a further disclaimer: please don’t feel the need to stroke my ego with compliments, I’m truly not fishing for any, I simply like to be sarcastic sometimes)

Wish me luck!

If I could change 1 thing because I’m tall it would be…

Why not bigger tree houses?  We need bigger tree houses to better suit our taller bodies!

I’ve actually thought a long time about this…a long, long time and I’ve wanted to write about it but it’s a difficult and personal thing for each individual.  Someone that is 5’10” is going to want something much different than someone who is 7’8″. And the difference between males and females is also going to vary greatly as well.  I think what I personally would like to change is going to be very, very different than say, a guy that’s 6’10”.  But I guess we’ll see.

The more I thought about this the more I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing.  I can think of one thing that I want more than others, but there are multiple things that I want.  Typical female…I moved my list around so many times although my #1 stayed the same.  Here goes!

If I could change 1 (okay, more than 1) thing because I’m tall it would be:

1.  Airline Seats–now I know this one is obvious but I wouldn’t actually change the width because I fit fine in the actual seat.  It’s the distance between the seats needs to be longer!  My knees are right up against the back of the seat in front of me.  And if the jack-hole in front of me chooses to recline in their seat…I’m going to be a very unhappy passenger.  Or, the airlines could save the bulk-head and exit row seats (provided we can assist in the event of an emergency) for passengers over 6’2″ AND NOT CHARGE US EXTRA!!!!

I chose this for my number one because I travel a lot.  I spend so much money on extra leg-room and checking my luggage that my trips become much more expensive than I’d really like them to be.  An extra $25-$45 for the leg room both ways and then another $20-$25 for my bags, we’ve now added another $100-$150 to my already expensive trip!  Yikes.

Who has extra cash?  Apparently me…

2.  Tall Clubs InternationalTCI (Tall Clubs International) is such an important part of height awareness and they have so much to give as a social club and as a charity, but unfortunately the group is dwindling.  The club began in 1939 and there are still approximately 50 clubs throughout the Unites States with nearly 2,000 members however there was a time when the active membership was nearly 5,000.  I’d like to help get TCI back on the map with some beefed up membership and more active members but I’ll be honest, even I haven’t been very active myself lately.  Life tends to get in the way.  More membership, more advertisement, more sponsors…we need to get more activity!

My 6’4″ friend Megan who is a former President of Tall Clubs International and of course, Moi on the left.

3.  Clothes–okay, let me be a little more specific because personally I don’t have a terrible time finding clothes however there are 2 categories of tall people who need help with clothing:

  • Tall, plus sized-this combination is nearly impossible for women to find good, quality, and reasonably priced clothing.  Most women can’t spend $100 per shirt or $150 per pair of pants.  That’s simply too much for the average woman so there needs to be better availability of tall, plus-sized clothing as well as better pricing.
  • Clothes for the super tall-allow me to explain further.  I have a friend, Chris, who is 6’9″.  He shops at 1 store for almost all of his clothes.  1 store!  I don’t know how he does it.  For those men and women over 6’6″ with inseams over 38′, they need specialty stores that also aren’t horribly expensive and they also need greater access to these stores.

This is Chris and these are actually his hats. Wait, that’s not true. He really wears hats like this to distract people from his 6’9″ height. Okay…that’s not true either.

4.  Height Awareness-I’d like to change some perceptions that people seem to have about tall people.  We all play basketball, we are all freaks, tall women only want to date taller men (okay, for those of you that read my last blog yes, I am searching for a tall guy but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dated shorter guys in the past.  Don’t judge) and all the tall men only date women under 5 feet.  We all get labeled somehow.  We’ll I’ve come up with a few examples of things I’d like for people to know that it’s NOT okay to do or say.

  • It’s not okay to come up behind me when I’m not looking and stand back-to-back with me while your friends take your picture.  You might get punched, seriously.
  • I may or may not have played basketball and unless you know me, you probably should be careful what you ask.  Is it okay to touch a pregnant women’s belly?  Consider my feelings like that pregnant women’s belly…tread lightly.
  • To point and stare at me as I walk by is downright rude.  Learn some manners (unless you are under the age of 8, then it’s acceptable)
  • Thinking you are funny by saying something clever like ‘How’s the weather up there’ or ‘What’s up shorty?’ is really your way of indicating your very low IQ
  • Please don’t ask me to compare hands with you.  Yes, my hands are probably bigger.  I’d also wager that so is my brain.
  • No, my parents aren’t tall.  They are very short, I’m a mutant.  Who can explain science?

My family! All right…my dad is really tall, so is everyone else in my family.

So there you have it.  4 things that I would change and I KNOW I didn’t touch on some topics that others would want to change.  I wonder how much would actually change if I could at least get my wish with the first 4…..hmmmmm, I think I’ll go ponder that for awhile.